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  1. I got rid of my set gap wedge a while ago, and ended up regretting it. Tried a Maltby DBM gap wedge to fill the set but just doesn't work out for me compared to my 50 deg rtx4. Has a Nippon Modus 120 X flex shaft. Playing length is 36" and lie 62 deg. Also has a GP MCC +4 Grey standard grip. $75 shipped.
  2. I've got a pair of Ecco Biom G3 spiked shoes size EU 43. I bought the wrong size. Played a couple rounds and realize I got too big of a shoe. $old / OBO paypal'd and shipped. These come with inserts from Ecco and can be removed if you need more room in the shoe. Also, my kid used the original box for an art project. I've got other boxes to keep shoe structure when shipping.
  3. I've got KBS Tour 130 x's now... How would you compare the ls 7.0's? Been laughing at the rest of the replies though. Hilarious.
  4. 1. Callaway Rogue SZ, 9* Head only, two seasons worth of use but no sky marks or chips, still in great shape. $OLD 2. Accra Tour Z RPG 462 M5+ with Callaway adapter. Tried this out for a season, bought from another WRXer, ended up having a different shaft work better for me. There's a 1mm gap between ferrule and adapter. Does not effect playability. It's just the ferrule sliding up. Measures 44" long with Lamkin Sonar Midsize+ grip. $OLD
  5. I think it's running faster. I also like the way to manage followed content better.
  6. can this one change the optics to black or does it only show in red?
  7. artica I don't even know, but I bought them at Kohl's years ago. I tried to google the logo but didn't find anything useful. Found out they're Haggar H26 shorts.
  8. Driver Shafts: Project X Hzrdus Yellow 6.5 with Callaway tip. Measures 44.25" from grip to tip. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align Midsize grip. $OLD Accra TZ6 M4 with Callaway tip. Measures 43.25" from grip to tip. Lamkin Sonar Midsize+ grip. $OLD 3wd Shaft: Diamana D+ 80 x5ct flex-S with Titleist tip. Measures between 41-3/4 to 41-7/8 from grip to tip. Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Midsize grip. $OLD Wedges: All have Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align Midsize grips. These have seen a few seasons of use but taken care of. JPX 850 Forged set Gap Wedge, loft 50 deg, lie bent to 62 deg, length 35-7/8". With KBS Tour 130 X shaft. $OLD Ping Glide ES grind, stamped 56 bent to 55 deg, lie bent to 62 deg, length 35-1/2". With KBS 610 Wedge 125 shaft. $OLD Ping Glide ES grind, loft 60 deg, lie bent to 62 deg, length 35-3/8". With KBS 610 Wedge 125 shaft. $OLD Apparel: Teal Nike golf shirt size L. $OLD One Nike golf shirts size L. $25 shipped Haggar H26 shorts size 34. $20 $15 shipped Thanks for looking!
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