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  1. yes. Ive played my whole life like this, but then i added a 60 for sand work......i am a firm believe in learning to make SHOTS over using another club, especially using 4 wedges....its completely unnecessary IMO. i use a 54 and a 60.....done....... Truth be told, i did experiment for a few seasons with 4 wedges but my scores were effected in a negative manner......
  2. It flies longer, goes higher..is softer......the same marketing terms used for the last 15 years......how soft and how far can it fly? lol
  3. its pretty seamless moving to the T100-S...less offset than the AP2, and its noticeable, but left biased is NOT an issue. And trust me, my miss is ALWAYS a pull.
  4. Many people claim the T100-S is just a bent T100....that couldnt be further from the truth....the T100-S is a redesign and in order to keep the bounce correct, that moved weighting aound and made the leading edge softer...of course the lofts are a bit stronger, but its a great club.....the sole is thin, but in any rough, the club make its through pretty good.
  5. tsecor

    2020 US Open

    McIlroy quickly removing himself from contention....after an opening birdie.....he is +4 over the last 3 holes.....spraying it all over the course....
  6. The T100's are more forgiving than you would imagine. I now play the T100-S and they are incredibly stable and the way they are weighted and the use of tungsten around the outside of cavity is impressive. I am a former 712 CB player and im glad I made the move....these give me a bit of extra help and distance but still look like a blade at address.
  7. They are apparently ready to go with a new release next April.
  8. i think we are all here because we want to see him get back to where he was....i was a big spieth fan and i hope he gets it back on track. Today isnt a good day though.
  9. t100-S...look like a blade at address, plays with more forgiveness than you can imagine.....very stable club too......i was a 712 CB player for year...just moved to the T100-S and i couldnt be happier
  10. its all good. I see your points. Its just a lighthearted debate, nothing too serious..... i see what you are saying.
  11. Spieth is obviously lacking in mental toughness right now per his quotes i posted....he seems like he has no answers.
  12. I saw it....but its kinda funny how you say you arent "bashing", then you directly proceed directly to bashing his wife!!! lol.....this was the best quote you posted " "Make enough money to maintain our lifestyle, but I want to be priority #1." Thats flattering in your world? Im not "bashing" you as i am sure you do not mean any real harm in saying what you said, but your exposed view of the way you percive married life is funny and im sure it has nothing to do with Spieths game.....then you talk about her "pushing for babies".....ok....is she barefoot in the kitchen too? lol...
  13. tsecor

    2020 US Open

    overhyped and wealthy......2 different things but yea, id love to have ricks money too
  14. tsecor

    2020 US Open

    most overhyped player ever....i like him personally but he is NOT a great player in comparison to the other"big names"
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