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  1. I was revisiting this thread because I am about to pull the trigger on the T100-S but cant seem to find a matching shaft that I love..... any help would be appreciated. Leaning towards the Modus 120 or the DG 120 (S300) any thoughts?
  2. Nike to buy TM?? I saw this youtube vid.....makes sense but do you think this will happen? Why or why not?
  3. The ProV1 fits so many profiles....ive tried the Tour BXS (Tigers ball) but its built FOR Tiger.....unless you have ANY of his game, this ball is more unique than people realize....many play it because its "Tigers ball" but reality dictates its not for most golfers. The TP5 has been very impressive, but in most "tests" it comes out shorter off the driver than the ProV1's...... stick with the HUGE leader in the industry which is the Prov1......forget the driver...these balls are MONEY with the 5i-sw........ one ball that was shockingly good for me was the Chr
  4. I would buy a modern version of the STUDIO DESIGN ® 2.5 in a heartbeat...this design with the 3 cherry dots.....NICE!!!!!
  5. same....as much as i want to like their new irons and drivers, they just dont work for me......gonna try the new Apex pro hallow bodies.....if not, ill just remain with Titleist
  6. Tiger will be back....its all he knows.....He has "Tiger DNA".....no way he lets his career end like this....its just not who he is.....even if he comes back and desnt make a cut....he will be back,........and I bet he comes back for the Masters in 2022 or possibly the US Open...... Imaagine the storyline if he wins another major at 48 years old after this accident.....#legend
  7. maybe he fell asleep.....could be 100 things.....coyote ran out from the bush, cars computer went haywire.....its not right to assume anything at this point
  8. i did hear on the radio, California law does not require any type of test with single car accidents that do not involve death....its up to the police office to order a test, apparently its not mandatory in a case like this.....i dont know though.....just repeating what i heard on the radio from an officer
  9. Deputies responding to Woods saw no evidence of impairment, Villanueva said, and they didn't ask hospital officials to take a blood draw, he said. A Los Angeles law enforcement source told CNN that no field sobriety test was administered because of the seriousness of Woods' injuries.
  10. Just saying what? everyone talking drug use has been proven wrong already......i just wish people would hit the pause button on some of this stuff
  11. i think they all do because this thread is starting to go off track......the are keeping it grounded and on point.
  12. do you think the T100s / T100 will be morphed into something else? I am about to pull the trigger on the T100-S so im hoping they do not discontinue these anytime soon
  13. agreed....people who are talking drugs and all that should be muted......its disgusting
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