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  1. oh boy....lol.....Actually a well-known golf website just did a study on golf balls and found that higher compression (e.g. ProV1x) balls are longer with the driver for almost all swing speeds. just move on....its getting waaaay off course....see u in another thread
  2. I think you have an issue understanding the point here.....i plucked the XS info from a test. to show compression and who benefits from Tigers ball.... high swing speed players like Tiger.... Then you take the prov1 which is a totally different compression, different cover...not the same ball.....the Prov1 can benefit a slower swing speed player wheras te XS may not.... either way, its time to move on. Just thought this would help
  3. Fitting is NOT for everyone......anyone over a 12 HDCP doesnt really benefit from club fitting....take lessons instead...i always get kiled over that opinion
  4. Here is some info for you if interested. “The XS has a 75 compression better suited to driver swings over 105 mph The firmer XS can actually spin more and produce slower ball speeds for slower swingers, while those with more firepower will get more ball speed and distance with Tiger’s ball. Prov1 is 12 points higher compression and reacts differently to swing speeds on 6iron thru driver. around the green, 50 yards and in, the two balls test identicle...much like every ball on the market....
  5. AVX is a nice soft, long ball. A very good addition to the lineup. The distance gain over the Prov1 is negligible for me, but i do like the flight
  6. That is correct. Couples has always stated the BXS is pretty unique and built for Tigers game.....thats why Couples plays a different ball. He knows he isnt Tiger. He has said that on many occasions. Even the Bridgestone website has the quote from Fred. Fred plays BRXS
  7. its not a typo ....try reading the other posts.....he claims the Tiger ball is the XBS...so take your personal attack elsewhere. Not interested in your constant attacks.
  8. Dustin Johnson is 6'4" tall...he needs a longer shaft.
  9. No...i can hook an AVX just as bad as a left dash......dont believe the hype
  10. whats an XBS???? Still trying to figure that one out.....must be the bal the aliens play on mars..... That ball was designed by Tiger....for himself.......but in true Golf WRX form....many many people here think otherwise and play it just to say the "play tigers ball"....its hilarious.....Fred Couples doesnt play that ball because he said himself its designed for Tiger....but I guess WRX'ers know more than Fred
  11. Trust me i know.....i have that irish skin so im always fighting the sun....even when its December...lol...
  12. you all spending $80 / $90 a hat and im over here like "show me something for $12
  13. Under Armour needs a new design guy....the 5's are horrendous
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