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  1. stay on top of Carls...while good in many areas, they had lots of outdated info and did not follow up with Titleist directly on many occasions when i ordered clubs. When i called Titleist directly, they had updated info and i had to actually call carls back to give them new and updated info on timelines and delays....carls lept saying 4 weeks....4 weeks....when in reality it was much different. just keep bugging them to call titleist is u do not hear anything
  2. I received my T100-ss / T200 combo set in 5 weeks from order to home....had one issue with the grip type, changed the grip to an instock item and off we went. just received a suprise gift from Titleist today as well
  3. i remember certificates came with these. It would tell you the lot # and the inspectors initials........
  4. .pretty cool. hard to find....what lot did you get? Should have come with a certificate type card.
  5. just missed my 1st HI1 by 4" this past week. Was playing the new Titleist LEFT DOT.... 4 gosh darn inches!!!!!! closest ever for me
  6. would you say the apex pros are "hot" off the face? im hoping my 2nd set is kinda hot in that regard but im looking for a players profile.....if that makes sense
  7. Amazing review. Than you for taking the time. Some responses are above. TY again
  8. Would you consider them "hot" or "explosve" off the face or are they more like a "regular" club?
  9. Try to get some left dot balls......if you like the left dash, you may love the left dot.....flies just as far, with better trajectory (for me anyway) and is more manageble around the greens....its basically a better version of the left dash.....imo
  10. i have not tried these but i am not a PXG fan at all.....and its limited to my visuals....i do not like the look of these at all.....not sure why
  11. its funny but for some strange reason I have a bias against certain brands.....TE being in that category. I have no idea why....ive never played these irons or really read anything negative about the brand....maybe its because I never see anyone using them or never really read reviews. maybe its time to really look into the TE brand
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