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  1. I looked this up and this is what i found......Tempo is the ratio of your backswing time to your downswing time, so i guess you can quantify it somewhat. After reading some articles, i find the average tempo for a professional golfer is somewhere between 2:1 and 3:1 depending on whether they are holding a wedge or putter vs. a driver. I do not know how this is related to shaft weight though.
  2. the left DOT is NOTHING like the 2019 TP5X IMO...........that would be the left DASH..... Left DOT is so different than the TP5X
  3. went from S400TI (132g) to 115g LZ......biggest difference was the "feeling" of a quicker tempo. Not sure because you cant measure tempo. I thought 17g would be somewhat of a game changer, but as amateurs, this sort of change really doesnt matter all that much when you are in the middle of your round. IMO all the people talking about the "huge" changes are fabricating a lot of it in thier minds, but if that leads to confidence, great!! its almost like players buying into all the marketing hype of a new ball or driver that goes 15 yards further with each new change. When I went to the 132 g shaft from a 120 i had gained aa tiny bit of stability but nothing major. I still shoot 80 with a 132g shaft or a 115g shaft.
  4. I have a combo set of T100-S and T200.....You have to flush the T200"s to get that "forged feel" but if you hit them thin, you feel it......that being said, these are VERY VERY forgiving so you take the great with the not so great. The T100_S are special......amazing amazing irons.......
  5. I played DASH earlier in the season and DOT the day after the limited release came out. for me, the DASH was a beast off the tee....this ball actually went 15 yards further for me and it wasnt just marketing hype...it flew very far. into the greens and around the greens, this ball was hard for me to play. Mainly because its so "hard" and borderline harsh feeling. I also had issues with roll out. I could get used to it and if you are into pure distance, this is for you. Its a great ball, just not for me. THE DOT - This ball matches and a lot of the time exceeded the DASH in terms of driver distance, or it seemed to. I think the trajectory was much better which makes it sem longer but the reality is this thing flies far, straight and the trajectory is perfect. the FEEL is amazing as well. No harsh feels, especially off the irons into the green. In terms of overall playability, this ball makes a lot of others look silly. I love this ball and I tested 10 different balls thi summer. This and the CSX were 1 & 2 with the regular prov1 in 3rd. But the regular prov1 was waaaay shorter off the tee than the left dot. 1 club difference on average with sometimes 2 clubs when i really catch it. if left dot was readily available, id buy 50 dozen just so i never run out. to me, it was heads and shoulders above all the other balls i tested. Those include TP5 /TP5X/ CS/BSX/Prov1x/CSX/LEFT DASH/ BX only the 3 i listed worked really well for me...
  6. Rumor has it Taylormade is designing a new ball in that space. Also, Titleist left dot is the future.....best ball ever made IMO. Checks every single box and flies longer than left dash for me.
  7. i am stocking up on the CSX right now....they are in stock and ive purchased3 dzn for next season
  8. hit the sweet spot and they all feel the same I will say the new T100-S even feel really good when you hit them off the toe....very forgiving. I was shocked. thinning feels harsh like any other club
  9. the ball was hit by lightening
  10. you hit this ball on your 2nd shot and didnt notice this? lol thats on you. and, im not sure what caused this, but it wasnt your 600mph driver speed....maybe a hacksaw???? Big bird calls BS on this story.......
  11. its not about being mad or anything, but that story is hard to fathom.......and id definitely grab a beverage with you anytime
  12. Come on Stu....your dipiction of the wobbly ball is crazy.....even the worst ball cut open in the myGolfPie test showed nothing to affect a putt in that manner.....and then the Q Star "went right in"........holy cow dude.....we get it, you hate Callaway.....but that is hilarious.
  13. USE THE LEFT DOT!!!! jeez.....if you are afraid to lose them, trade me for them......ill give you a dzn TP5X and a DZN AVX for them
  14. Wobbly putt.....lol.....thats the best
  15. Chromesoft X is an amazing ball
  16. The "soft" premium ball would be the prov1.....it already feels very soft so it naturally can fill that description
  17. i just think the lineup would be very muddy if the left dot comes to market. the AVX isnt a big seller and is more of a niche ball anyway....adding another "PROV" to the lineup would certainly increase sales for the overall prov1 brand......you would have V1, left Dot, V1X and Left Dash.......perfect balance all under the Prov1 name which has become synonmous with "golf balls" "you playing pro v1?" "yea" nobody ever says, "you playing AVX?"
  18. just a quick update.....played the Left Dot in my league championship on a tough links course.....finished 5th out of 25. 4 shots from a win. USed the Left dot all day.... the more i hit it, the more i like it.....its the closest thing as a game changer for me so if and when it becomes available, this will be my ball. I still like the CSX 20 yards and in, but I can adjust with the left dot on bump and runs and high pitches..... this ball is amazing and may be the best Titleist ball ive ever hit......i can see this becoming very popular and taking the place of the current prov1.....as the current prov1 turns into the new AVX.......the current AVX can go bye bye in this scenario because its a limited ball when you directly compare it to the left dot and regular prov1.... left dot could become a HUGE seller if it makes it to market....it explodes off the clubs....i love this ball
  19. stay on top of Carls...while good in many areas, they had lots of outdated info and did not follow up with Titleist directly on many occasions when i ordered clubs. When i called Titleist directly, they had updated info and i had to actually call carls back to give them new and updated info on timelines and delays....carls lept saying 4 weeks....4 weeks....when in reality it was much different. just keep bugging them to call titleist is u do not hear anything
  20. I received my T100-ss / T200 combo set in 5 weeks from order to home....had one issue with the grip type, changed the grip to an instock item and off we went. just received a suprise gift from Titleist today as well
  21. i remember certificates came with these. It would tell you the lot # and the inspectors initials........
  22. .pretty cool. hard to find....what lot did you get? Should have come with a certificate type card.
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