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  1. It won't, nor would you feel the difference. It's okay if you wouldn't do it, but stop trying to refute what has empirically shown to work. People like you are the reason crazy theories get spread around here.
  2. Here - https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/1681164-how-to-graphite-shaft-extension/
  3. You self-admittedly said you had elbow surgery and are consciously worried about hitting down on the ball. Yet, you're alluding to the fact that the shaft profile is the reason you're launch angle is too high? I just want to make sure I'm understanding all this. No disrespect.
  4. If you're swinging 97 w a 7i and leaking, pushing shots left... You need to slow your swing. I'd bet money that you're leaving the club face open at impact. I have Modus3 130X and I had to learn that if I wanted to keep my natural tempo and speed, I needed to consciously close the face. Almost feeling like a flip (in reality, you're squaring the face).
  5. Interesting, because I spun $-Taper way more than my current Modus, in the fitting.
  6. The main body of the weight get bent with the shaft tip at impact. The bottom circular part of the weight has no room to move laterally with the body/shaft tip at impact. So the stress point becomes where the body and base of the weight meet. Now again, as a disclaimer, this is for high speed/impact players. I've bent a lot of iron shaft tips
  7. It's not about stress on the shaft, it's about breaking the tip weight due to the flex point at the hossel tip. I've had at length discussions with Billy Bobs and ADS - both agree that the tip weight will break if above the hossel, when the player is of decent speed or steep.
  8. I swing 115+ and have a hard transition. I've shown posts on here where I've used 3 inch extensions on driver shafts. They were in play for well over a year with no issue. You need to prep correctly or it won't work. Also, the extended needs to be a snug fit. I like to get an undersized extension and build it up w mesh drywall tape. I'm fully against turning down an extension or trying to enlarge the butt end.
  9. I play Modus 3 130X and play the same in my wedges. Full shots was a big factor is sticking w same shafts. Also, I can flight the ball better.
  10. I've been using these for years. Solves all the tip weight problems. Also, having a tip weight past the hossel is a real issue for fast or steep hitters. I use it on my 3 hybrid as well as irons. (can find hybrid pic). 15g copper 14g brass 4.5g aluminum
  11. Catch someone with a bipolar mental game and 16 could easily be +3 or 4.
  12. You're delofting and coming in steep. Small divots don't mean you are shallow or sweeping; it just means you didn't go any further past the ball. Learn to stop rotating your wrists at impact, which is delofting your club. Easy quick fix is to open the face a little bit. At 6'3" your swing plane is going to be steep (I'm 6'2"+). You have to stop delofting the face.
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