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  1. Exactly. Two words - Ball. Flight. There are zero fitting tools that will tepl you what you should be playing. Have a few bent different degrees, and hit balls.
  2. 2kxv green tipped an inch Rogue silver tipped an inch
  3. I always hit X100 sky high. Everyone is different. I'm in modus 130X and hit them lower than X100, when 130 is supp to be the higher flyer.
  4. You can't feel it lag. What you feel is the softer butt. The club isn't lagging more, that's just your subconscious interpretation.
  5. I literally just put a new 80g in my fairway, and have 70g in driver. Bought two extras for future builds.
  6. I doubt people are still using friends adresses; the verification is solid now. Two forms of ID that you can't make up. Junior ticket is still a thing,y son plays unlimited twilight m-th for $10.50/month, walking.
  7. Keep in mind, South was just overseeded/punched. North was done beginning of October. Cart path THROUGH the month of November.
  8. You basically summed up what I tell most people - if you're gonna go big, just go big and get the XL. Glad to hear your success, my friend.
  9. Take it to someone that actually knows how to build clubs. Damn near every off the rack, mass produced .355 is going to have some wabble or looseness. Esp if it was preped and pulled.
  10. I just realized something... You're wans customs on instagram, yes?
  11. I went 2" longer and also put 20g of hotmelt in the head, with a 1" tipped Rogue silver... So, one size doesn't fit all.
  12. Those have tons of life left. But if you're looking, check out Flannigan Bilt. He's hands down the best. And trust me, I've tried others.
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