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  1. Billy Bob's is a stand up organization. But the CMX line is absolute garbage.
  2. I ended up staying w the vr pros because of the FEEL. I won't go down that rabbit hole, as it's been beat to death... But you'll need to jump into Muras or the like, to get the same quality forging. But you like the performance of your T100. So you answered your own question...
  3. Unless it's a government held patent, it's easily beatable. Esp w a component like the CC; I could go in CAD and alter a little here, a little there and have basically the same product. It's just having someone who wants to go down that road.
  4. Did the main guy that owned CC sell to True Spec? I remember a few years back, the owner/inventor was very responsive.
  5. 100% because of the wraps. Once I moved to 4 wraps, I had to stop using chords because they separated on install.
  6. I didn't explain the question right. I build up the shaft w masking tape. On the last layer, which is actual grip tape - do you run that the entire length of the build up from the butt down, or a shorter amount?
  7. Discussing with fellow hobbyist - let me know what your Method is. After using build up tape, do you run the grip tape the full length of the build up, or just the common length to get the grip going and on? ib4 BlOW ThEm oN
  8. Oh, and btw - the VRP line are different forgings than the Vapor line. So based on scientific materials alone, the VRP line is a softer (read: better) feeling iron head.
  9. I'll fourth this. He did my Rogue Driver. I'll also say this; I ended up buying a hotmelt gun - OP, it's so easy to do. Just buy the kit from hot melt.
  10. I think another thing to mention is, unlike most other refinishers, Ken actually answers the phone and talks to you, lol.
  11. I was comparing the two specific models, not overall as a generalization. Thanks for the swing analysis though, Butch!
  12. Thrice a lefty, I agree w/ above. Also, if you want to test this cheap, the older Adams fairways are almost identical to Pings. You can find the heads on eBay for $20-30. Edit: specifically, the Tightlies line
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