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  1. I tell people this all the time - they charge those prices, because people are actually PAYING.
  2. To add to this - Their customer service is second to none, across all their entities. Like Jon, I've been buying from them for years, with no issue. And I'll continue. My son's entire competitive junior golf career was built off of components from DTG, HG, and his last set of sub 70's. Do they also sell sh-tty components... Yes. But they also sell name brand, buy-out products. If you know what you want, and what you're looking for, they're the best in the business.
  3. Yeah, you are... and it's swing speed. Get your number up before you go trying to find the minutia of modern drivers. It means nothing to you; you could literally play any modern driver.
  4. And probably a club shorter lol
  5. I was exactly like you. When you decide to shallow out and go softer, your ball striking, dispersion, and scores will improve dramatically.
  6. Btw, of you're looking for additional spin across the board (esp at 150y 8i), look at the softest tip iron shafts. I know the ball will get you the most spin for your buck, but going a full flex softer than you think you should be playing will surprise you. Like I said, my 8i is 165 and I drive 280y - at sea level. I've made the move to regular shafts across the set and I love it.
  7. For me, there is no close second in spin than the Kirkland 3pc. I've sucked that ball back 20-30y then off greens. Stays in the air forever, but goes nowhere off the driver. If you're looking for spin, give the 3pc. a try. I play TP5X. 165y 8i (traditional loft).
  8. You can't extrapolate off an internet forum. Swing speed, strike, etc. are all factors. You need to get on a monitor and see which works best for you. Blindly going off what ball spins the most for me or anyone else, is a recipe for disaster. It would narrow down balls if you let us know your swing speed, distances, dig/sweep, etc.
  9. You have no idea what you're talking about.
  10. CoR is maxed. Any breakthrough is purely marketing. Until they increase or do away w CoR... We've been at the max for a good number of years.
  11. I had that driver and used fabric dye/spray to paint the head cover black LMAO
  12. I used to play here a bunch back in the early to mid 2000's. (Those of you know what I'm talking about, when I say this was when Lost Canyons was in full stride). I moved to San Diego and hadn't played there for a number of years. Went back about three years ago and literally felt like they stole my money. Angels and LCs have a very, very nostalgic place in my heart - my dad and I became very close over golf, at these two courses. Sucks to see one gone and the other a shell of it's former self...
  13. Bro, for everyone of you there are 100 that have tried and failed. Don't take it personal; it is what it is. You are the EXCEPTION, not the rule...
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