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  1. How do you get the app on your watch? It doesn't exist in the wearable app store... So angry I spent the money and time. I'm charging my CC back.
  2. We could give him a multi-part series. You know, too much information at one time may be an issue for some...
  3. I've pulled everything from superstokes to jumbomax... It takes time, a lot of patience, and a lot of solution. Pour fluid at the mouth of the grip, pulling it away from the shaft (just to be able to get the tool in. Once in, go about three inches at a time. You'll be able to tell when it get dry. Then pour some more fluid down along the tool, so it runs into the grip. Keep doing that over and over, and you'll get it. I've pulled grip people said we're impossible, no problem. Just have to have the patience, lol.
  4. A lot. Really depends on the firmness of your course(s). It'll either be your best friend, or worst enemy. I have a low bounce and high bounce I rotate based on course conditions.
  5. Improper due diligence does not negate gross negligence... (If we're being legally technical, here ) Trust me when I tell you, what OP got back was gross negligence.
  6. By the way, of I read this correctly, it was at your home club? Take your complaints out of the pro shop, and up to club management. Is your club part of a corp? Take it to corp headquarters. Etc. No way I'd let that ride, and exactly the reason I learned to bend clubs and bought my own machine...
  7. Guys... this is absolutely sh1t workmanship. Hands down, no doubt about it. That person should not be bending clubs. And of you are a person that bends clubs w this result, learn to do it correctly. That's not a "comes w the territory" modification. What OP got is nuts. Total hack job.
  8. To be fair, if I'm assuming what your comment means - I emailed Sub70 no less than 15 times. I've had a response within hours, even on the weekend. Jay looped-in three other guys that had an exact answer for my questions. I'd just email exactly what you want, and you'll have your answer quicker than most other companies even read your email.
  9. Tons on ebay. Brand new. Lots of reputable sellers, as well.
  10. I'd almost bet money on it. Usually, I use a piece of cardboard or a thick leather swatch to avoid exactly that. I don't think it's a finish issue. Just whoever bent them, was inexperienced or rushing. Good thing is, Sub70 will make right.
  11. Looks like the clamp for the lie adjustment machine.
  12. I literally just laughed out loud
  13. My son finally got his clubs in. 6-Aw 699 pro, and a raw 58 wedge. 4 weeks order to door. For those that don't know, Sub70 is connected to Diamond Tour Golf. I've used them for years to build my son's clubs. I asked to have the same ferrules put on, but they forgot, I guess Midsize Winn's, KBS shafts, and 3° flat This is the first time in almost 15 years I've purchased and not built clubs, and I guess I can say on face value, it was a good experience.
  14. Zero. The North won't be back open until lat August. So you have typical South traffic, plus the overflow from North. If you want to play, you'll need to pay advanced booking.
  15. To be honest, it's sounds like a jailbreak component broke off.
  16. Rogue fairway is bonded hossel. So I'd guarantee that it's not epoxy. I do hot melt as well, and that doesn't sound like loose hotmelt either. Something is faulty with that head.
  17. And not a single picture. Mods, lock it up.
  18. Hybrid? Never heard of her.
  19. You guys are crazy. Always hit driver. Off a tee, short par 4, tight fairway? Always. Hit. Driver.
  20. This. And I think the most important two factors are- outside and grass. Too many fitters are inside and/or off mats. There is a significant statistical difference on what your ball will do off grass, which is where you hit your shots when on the course.
  21. Played these an inch over golf works standard length. In excellent condition. Only had them one season. 10 shafts, 3-PW,G,S .355 $210 shipped lower 48.
  22. Not to mention, a lot of club pros now have trackman/grass range. Schedule a lesson, but try different equipment that the pro is sponsored by, or has access to.
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