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  1. I play Jumbo Grips and when i put them on they club head just feel to light. Combine that with a quick tempo and its trouble. I am re shafting my irons with either of these shafts. does anybody know which of these has more weight towards the head area that will result in heavier swing weight. Project X 6.0 TT D Gold S300 Tour Modus 120 SteelFiber 110 thanks
  2. Every time i re grip any set of irons with MCC Plus 4 midsize the swing weight goes to like a C0 I have been able to get used to playing +1/2 inch and that gets them to C2-C4 maybe. Does anybody know who makes the heaviest Players irons head that you can currently buy? My plan was to get a set of Kyoei Forged Raw Blade iron heads these are an extra 30 grams per head would just not have as much grind off. But people on this forum say hard to do. The two shafts i play consistently are SteelFiber 120X and C-Taper 130X Does a lighter shaft like a Ctaper Lite 105 produce a heavier head or does it
  3. I have a set of raw iron heads from Japan. Is there a place I can send the heads to be grinded out perfect and ready for play? Being raw means they will rust correct? I have seen wedges rust look is this bad for golf? Is there a place that grinds and plates each one as well? that's what makes it not rust is plating it correct? thanks
  4. I am a scratch player former tour pro and CPGA Pro I have a very consistent swing and i rarely ever have a wild miss hit. I have been playing for 40+ years. I switched my grips from the Midsize GP4 the grip with no taper on the bottom to the Tour Velvet Midsize. The irons are also 1/2 inch longer than my old set same head loft and lie. This took me from a C6 weight to a D2 swing weight and i guess being 1/2 inch over they are 1 degree upright? I have played three rounds and three range session with new grips and new length. All three rounds i have had a shank on one of the golf holes. Its
  5. 1 do i rough sand prep the tips i understand there is a layer of steel fiber they grey over top so i dont think i do anything to the tips. 2 for a 5 iron to play standard length 38 inches do i but cyt the shaft to exactly 35 inches? or do i measure from outside the bore of the hossel? Any advice for installing steelfibers? Also if i go half inch over length does that make them more upright? thanks
  6. Installing brand new SteelFiber 110 Taper tip with tour velvet midsize the grips are 53.5 grams will have one layer of tape plus two half tape on the bottom half of the hand. Heads are 718 AP2 Standard length is a 38" 5 iron I want the swing weight to come in the d2-d4 range if possible i am comfortable playing up to 1/2 inch over length IF i play at standard length what will swing weights be and if i play at 1/2 over what will the swing weights be? thank you 4 iron 246 Gram 5 Irons 251 6 iron 259 7 iron 265 8 iron 272 9 iron 282 PW 285 GW 289
  7. I felt the AD 6 to be more stable for my swing. I could go at it as hard as i want and it did not go left. I Have a very consistent swing and the Evenflow was 4-7 yards shorter on every single drive The Tour AD had lower spin numbers across the board by at least My driver i was hitting is the Cobra F8+ 8.5 Degree with a Matrix Red Tie. I hit it every time 280-285 and hit about 9/10 fairways. Spin though always 3000-3100 i hit a normal high draw when i fade the ball its about 275 around 3800 rpm TS3 8.5 Evenflow was 285-297 rpm 2600-2700 fade was about 285 spin only 3000 or so. TS3 8.5 Tou
  8. Note i tried to hit one fade in each of the shafts and a knock down draw as well for one of the shots
  9. WAM78 Holy s*** are you ever right why would they do this with the AMT the 4 and 5 iron alway went an extra 5 yards left it was stupid. WHAT Is Smashy fact exactly? How do you increase it? Today i had a couple irons with smash factor would change from 1.37 to 1.42 same swing speed but the ball went further even though i swung two or three miles an hour slower see todays resulst this is Steel Fiber 110 Midsize Grip and C Taper Same Midsize Grip .
  10. The Titleist Fitter today I fell in love with the Tour AD 6 Orange then he had me hit the Evenflow Black and said it was identical just cheaper can anybody else concur what he is saying? Funny enough i hit the Tour AD consistently 3-4 yards farther then the evenflow.
  11. Thank You Stuart G for that information on the steelfibers that actually explains a few things. I go back on the Launch Monitor tomorrow at 2:00pm
  12. What is Angle of Attack exactly? I see the tour average is about -4 on a 6 iron. Is this how much lag you hold through impact like delofting the club at impact? I wonder why my angle of attack is so low compared to tour average. If i am minus 2 and tour average is minus 4 does that mean they have a sharper angle of attack? I have a wrist injury from two years ago a fused scaphoid bone on my right wrist i wonder is this would account for my angle of attack. PS I am a former golf pro played the mini tours used to be a CPGA pro 25 years ago. Now at 46 i am prepping for a run on the senior
  13. See attached Image All with AP2 6 Iron All Shots High Draw First set of 3 AMT Tour White S Flex Second Set of 3 KBS C Taper 120 Gram Stiff Flex Third set of three my shafts my Steelfiber 110 S Flex Any thoughts should i switch shafts? Anything stick out? thanks
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