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  1. Practically BRAND NEW GC2-T. Bought it straight from Foresight September 2020 for my lefty son. He only used it probably 3-4 times. Everything on the GC2-T works perfectly and I honestly much prefer it over a regular GC2 because it's much smaller, has no screen to crack, and is built with a shank tank already. With it being much smaller, I'm not sure its possible to actually hit the unit so its much better for the non-golfer friends. Only reason I'm selling is I went to a EYEXO and put it on a slider so now righties and leftys can use it.

    Item :
    1 - Nearly new GC2-T (Model 00237)

    Price : $3500 OBO








  2. Will ship via UPS.  Paypal only.  No trade interests. 


    AutoFlex 505XX with Ping adapter.  Plays at 45.5" and has a new Superstroke grip.  Bought straight from AutoFlex and has original protective sleeve as shown in images.  $650 shipped


    Comes with a Ping 425 head weight kit as well to allow you to really dial in the weight needed to maximize the shafts capability with your swing.  I used the 7g weight in my 425LST.


    Let me know of any questions or if you'd like additional images/video taken.





  3. I can agree that it’s hard to really believe anything he says because there’s a number of factors that could be going into his comments. Could be sponsor obligations or other commitments, but end of day it looks like he’s gonna put the peg in the ground again and really there shouldn’t be anyone unhappy about that.

  4. Creamer should have conceded that putt.....

    I agree


    Goal is to win the match, no obligation to ever concede any putt, let alone one that determines the outcome on the last hole, second match out and first match out lucky to save a halve, Cup not won at that point - Paula be wearin' the pants at your houses!


    Tough cookie and great example of match play, win or lose.


    Snowflakes falling early this year.


    I was sitting on hole 12 and both Paula and the Europe player puttedfrom inside 3ft. They were putting out all day.

  5. In my opinion the US Amateur is one of the best golf events to attend as a spectator. You are (generally) free to walk the fairways with the players and really get a feel for the course/playing conditions.


    Hmm, I didn’t know they allowed that. That is awesome. Gonna keep my eyes peeled for where those pop up

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