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  1. Selling my 3yr old Ping i25 Driver. It’s an absolute bomber but I’ve wanted to get a little more adjustability. Comes with your choice of shafts. Driver Ping i25 Head (9.5deg)- $50 shipped Shafts HandCrafted HZRDUS Black 6.0 (43.75in, plays 44.5in) - $150 shipped Ping PWR65 Stiff Flex (44.25in, plays 45in in head) - $50 shipped
  2. Definitely get a lesson. Sounds like you are way to good to let putting get in the way of great scoring. Good luck.
  3. She can wear whatever the heck she wants to wear, period. Get this through your head: women don't exist for your pleasure. Post up a picture of yourself, and then every time you feel the need to comment on a woman's body, me and all my girlfriends will take turns commenting on yours. Something ironic in this post, but I'm not risking the wrath by asking. ;-) Lol. Steer clear brotha. In other news.....the Solheim Cup is being played today. ?
  4. I used to have lower back problems but since I’ve completely taken the draw out of my ball flight, my back issues have immediately vanished. I hit a cut now and it’s just been so much easier on my body.
  5. I’d say the giant cell phone clip on the belt and playing the round with the phone attached. So annoying. And of course, the Mojo or Nitro golf balls.
  6. She’s putting great this week.
  7. I’d say he’s probably not best quite yet but certainly tracking that way. Y.E winning a major really doesn’t mean at all he’s greatest. Greatest talk needs way more timespan than 1 hot week. I was at that tournament he won. Insane how he stood up and defeated Tiger. Was agony to watch as a TW fan. Lol
  8. I’ve compared Walmart Titleist to a box I got from my local pro shop using my GC2 and didn’t really come up with any differing numbers for spin or ball speed.
  9. Hopefully US comes out hot and really puts the clamps down
  10. I’m interested in this as well. Seems very odd like he may have just now gotten enough drives in to be counted?
  11. I love the no shows but it’s becoming old school. Even on the b-ball Court. You rock the no shows and these young buggers laugh.
  12. I live the no shows but it’s becoming old school. Even on the b-ball Court. You rock the no shows and these young buggers laugh.
  13. Wow. Lots of great advice here for a whole range of player skill levels. Nice job guys.
  14. Holy cow. The day I played there....I tell ya what....the greens had to be rollin 11-12 on stimp. I think they may have had a tournament the day before though.
  15. Absolutely agree the balls need dialed back. There’s no reason for it to be honest. The dial it back just a touch and let the courses then reset tee boxes with their current land and you could have some really great holes again. Now, it’s just gonna get to walking 100 yards to these back tee boxes. Slowing down play even more.
  16. https://mobile.twitter.com/GolfChannel/status/898551406323318784?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fd-29744641682042566835.ampproject.net%2F1503083916053%2Fframe.html Check this out. Crazy
  17. Yeah, most all Dicks stores I’ve been in use GC2s. No club data. The indoor swing phenomenon is real and having a sim at my house I’ve noticed it took about a month to really work through it. Get outside and you’ll be good to go.
  18. Lots of good idea here guys. Hafta try a couple But I love the feeling of a new glove so....may keep balling them up in my bag. ?
  19. Does seem like even more nerves than the guys Ryder Cups. Some of the shots look very amateur. Surprising to see really
  20. Anyone make it over to Cog Hill #2 course this year? Played a couple years back and that was an absolute gem. Looking to get back there again.
  21. I get where you're going...obviously wasn't a fan of this pick. I just realized. You’re the dude who’s dropped 20,000 posts on here. Mad respect man. Unbelievable dedication. ??
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