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  1. Their ability is greatly being “reduced” by the loony toon pin placements and green speeds they play on weekly basis. The guys are insanely good.
  2. Yeah, I definitely think 85 is attainable there. The fairways are generous there for a right to left ball striker. If you’re a scratch golfer most likely your long. So it really comes down to fairways and greens. I think sub-80 is pretty possible as well to be honest.
  3. I have the i25 and agree. It’s long but it’s just an untamed horse. No idea where it’s gonna buck ya to.
  4. Such a wide range of impressions. I have mine coming so hoping it goes well. Otherwise it’ll be on here this fall.
  5. Are these shafts that much better than a HZRDUS? Curious what makes them 220+
  6. What’s the diff between the yellow and the black project X?
  7. I'm used to live in NW Iowa as well. Spencer to be exact and still go back often as my family still live there. Yeah, it seems like there were tournaments all over up there. I play in the Emerald hills 2-man every year as well as the Northwest Am in Spencer there. Great course. Down here, I know Woodland Hills has a bunch but the course is definitely not real good. Beaver Creek has a few and TCI as well. There's hardly any 2-mans though.
  8. I agree 100% on the Harvester being best in Iowa. Glen Oaks is up there as well, but the elevation, scenery, and layout of the holes is impeccable. if you want a challenge, play The Hog from the tips. :) I'd say its easily Top 3 courses I've ever played. Osage National(Mountain/River) down in the Ozarks and Cog Hill #2 course are probably my other Top 3.
  9. Also new to the forum. A lot of talk about simulators here. I also live about 2mi from Backspin in Ankeny so I go there a bunch. Agree on their sims being out of whack. The far corner slot is about the only accurate one I've found that lines up with my historical GC2 data from Golf Galaxy/Dick's Sporting Goods. All the other bays I'm only getting about 240yd drives out of 110SS and 155MPH ball speeds. So I just decided to fix the problem and getting my own GC2. :rockon: Broheim's Bar looks awesome. Anyone go there yet? The aBoutGolf sims are definitely next level. Played one up in MN on their widescreen bay....phenomenal.
  10. Makes sense. Thanks for the clarification. I guess I can put down this voodoo doll named RwkGolf, I was just about to poke needles through. ? Congrats on the purchase.
  11. I think we all missed this one actually. I was the first response saying that I'd buy it and he didn't respond at all. Assume he got a bunch of activity and decided he under priced it. Bush league move.
  12. I appreciate all the feedback. I'll try to get back in next week and see if I can't try a heavier shaft.
  13. Got the opportunity to demo the EPIC last night and came away a little disappointed. I want to like this driver but I just could not hit it as well as the M1. I have a feeling it's a shaft issue but I'm definitely not familiar enough with what I need in shaft. I swing about 105-110mph, but I have a really quick tempo. We measured it last night at around 1.1-1.4sec from time of takeaway to hitting ball. I was using a Speeder Evolution 661 Tour S flex shaft in the M1 so I realize that is a premium shaft. I used the Aldila S flex shaft in the EPIC. My problem was I was slicing about 80% of the EPIC drives and maybe only 10-20% of the M1. The EPIC certainly was longer though. Took a couple dead nut shots out to 310 with it so I know that part it there. My spin rates were also about 300-500rpm higher on the EPIC. Averaging in the 2700 range. Are there any suggestions on what shaft I should try next? Is it just a matter of the shaft not catching up? I definitely prefer to get a lower launch shaft because my launch angles using start creeping up to 18deg. I will add too.....it seems no matter where on the face I hit that EPIC....it felt solid. That was a definite plus.
  14. That's good to know that kind of thing doesn't just happen to me. Ironically, I just got a call from GG saying my driver should be back on Monday. So it was basically 2 weeks from day they sent it in. Not a bad turnaround there. I'm getting the feeling that the GG manager was just being a tool with the handling of the whole situation. Not wanting to give out another driver....quoting 5 weeks without actually knowing for sure. At any rate, I get my baby back soon and all should be well again.
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