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  1. Just shattered my 45 day old R11 last week on the range. The face was fine with no cracking but the top of the club simply shattered from inside out. It was the loudest hit I've ever heard. Sounded like it exploded and alerted the whole driving range of people. About a 1 inch by 1 inch piece flew toward the target after I hit it. Weird thing was the ball flight and distance was virtually the same as normal and I hit it right in the middle of the face. Not a poor shot at all. Has anyone else heard of this type of issue with the R11 or any other driver? I generally swing in the 120MPH range and I can't see that as being anything out of ordinary. I've just never saw a driver shatter on the top like mine did...I caved in the face of a Nike Ignite a few years back but that seemed logical. So I had it sent in through Golf Galaxy and they told me it's gonna be 5 WEEKS before I get a new one back. What's up with that? Why wouldn't they just give me a new one off the rack and send it back to TM on their own? I assume TM will do some sort of analysis on the club to determine it was within normal golf conditions but once they have that determined....can't see why GG won't give me a new one from there. 5 weeks up in Iowa feels like over half the summer. If I get the chance, I'll post a pic. It looks pretty crazy.
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