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  1. Taylormade Superfast TP 10.5 with Voodoo NVS 6S. Has an idiot mark on it. Original Headcover. $50/obo SOLD Nike VR Tour 10.5 VTS Black 6x Proto. No idiot marks. Red golf pride $80/obo Nike VR Tour 9.5 NVS 6S. $70/obo I do have a VR Tour headcover I can include, but the faux leather finish is peeling off of it. Shoot me offers.....I have my eye on some new irons.
  2. I'm clearing everything out and moving to wides. I have a ton more, but these are the three pairs in the best shape I have. Of course I'll offer discounts for buying multiple pairs. I'll also entertain trades for new Golf Pride +4 grips, X100 iron shafts, mizuno MP20, MP18, MP4, MP33, Bettinardi putters, or other shoes (10.5w in FJ, 11w in most others). PM me here or email [email protected] I hate to get rid of these. Adipures from a few years ago that I occasionally wore in the winter. No real blemishes, and since I didn't wear them very frequently they were probably cleaned between ever
  3. I don't for sure. That's just what our pro who I ordered through told me.
  4. **I have what you need.** As new as it gets, still in the plastic, and have been in a box under the bed since I got them. Specs are +1/2'', standard loft, standard lie, Golf Pride Multicompound +4 with +1 wrap. This is the only set I've seen available with X100s. I'm told this limited run was sold out in minutes, and I was the first order placed. I do not know if that translates to the first serial number for the publicly available sets or not. These are one of the most successful irons on tour ever and are still played by Adam Scott, Webb Simpson, Scott Piercy, and some others which I bel
  5. say a guy had some of these, still in plastic, with x100s, +1/2'', MCC +4.....what'd they be worth to ya?
  6. > @Boney said: > > @tnord said: > > it's a challenging course for sure. > > Well, the Ocean Course at Kiawah is considered maybe the hardest course in the US, and it's rated at 70.9/132 at 6200 yards. I think you might want to double-check your numbers. Unless you meant 7200 yards? I just double checked. 6119yds, 72.3, 141 par 70. From the back it's 6940, 75.5, 148.
  7. it's a challenging course for sure. if the DT was available circa 1980 and holds up better after sitting around for 40 years, I'll try and go that direction.
  8. when I play persimmon in the offseason I can get it out there about the distance of my 3w. that's assuming I hit the right shot shape and get some roll.
  9. Are you thinking they might not allow a Karsten because it's laminated rather than a block of persimmon? I doubt he'll be that picky about it. The Precision 6.5/7.0, is that of Project X/Rifle lineage? I didn't know the old TTDG was stiffer than the current stuff either. I don't have that quick of a tempo, so I'm sure old S300s will be just fine. When I've played persimmon in the offseason I actually haven't found it to be any less accurate than modern stuff. I crappy strike with a persimmon doesn't go anywhere and tends to get on the ground quicker. A crappy strike with modern stuff stays
  10. don't try to make sense of it in terms of proving who is right or wrong in the argument.....it doesn't. the course is about 6200 from the white tees, par 70, rated at 73 i think from there, 141 slope. i'm about a 0-1 index.
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