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  1. He's a jerk and acts like he's above the little people.
  2. She's always been great with the media and fans after a bad loss. It's understandable that she doesn't want to talk to anyone right now.
  3. Give her a break. Who cares about talking to the media? They're a bunch of hacks that ask garbage questions 9 out of 10 times.
  4. Bad day in golf for me. My favorite LPGAer loses and my least favorite player wins.
  5. Pressel is terrible. Very annoying voice.
  6. It would break the rules to talk about this topic. That's why Frankenfoot is being subtle.
  7. Last week it was "The fans are awful. It was so much better without them." Now since it's on Bryson, it's ok. Personally, they should let Erik van Rooyen go after them.
  8. Not sure if I like the new changes. I thought the course was already perfect as is.
  9. I did. It was a great interview and she was gracious in defeat. I just thought it was funny seeing her in the background of the interview looking at the waterfall, then taking her shoes off, while they were talking to the winner.
  10. Popov in the background during Ewing's interview lol
  11. It's not allowed, even off duty cops aren't allowed to carry.
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