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  1. It won him a major. Hate the guy all you want, but the stuff he does eventually works out for him. That's why he's fun to watch.
  2. People immediately commented and made it a meme right after.
  3. Spieth was looking so good at one point yesterday, was at -9, then just dropped off fast.
  4. Remember when Taylormade did hearts on their hat for the R11? These Sim2 hats are even worse.
  5. It happened at the Tournament of Champions in Hawaii a couple years back.
  6. He started out without the bass masters vest on and looked better.
  7. Ralph Lauren did JT a favor.
  8. Rahm looking like Jerry out there in his white shoes.
  9. Are you referring to Cantlay? Glad he didn't win as well. He's a complete jerk. I can't use the word I want to since I just got a warning strike today. 2 more and I get a free sandwich at the turn!
  10. Not the outcome I wanted, but Spieth is trending in the right direction with his game.
  11. I turned on the golf channel and went, "who's this f****** guy?" When I heard the accent I then knew it was Appleby. He looks like he's been out in the desert doing peyote.
  12. Another hole out for eagle by Spieth. What a shot.
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