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  1. Scotty Cameron Turbo Blue Custom Shop cover. Brand new, never used. $300 Shipped NO TRADES
  2. I miss the AP name. T100 makes me think of The Terminator (T1000).
  3. I swear there was a member here that had a Button Back with the same paint job and posted pics of it back in like 2011.
  4. It all ended with a broken glass table.
  5. 2 Brand new Super Stroke Pistol GTR 1.0 putter grips with Taylormade logo on them. They are grey/white. They were purchased directly from Taylormade's webite. These are the stock putter grip for all Spider EX, S, SR, and Spider X Hydroblast Putters. The extra grips are not included with the putter. $25 each shipped Below better represents how the color looks. It's the same as the one that comes on the Spider X putters. USED 34" Taylormade Spider X Hydro Blast single bend shaft putter with a new headcover and grip. The putt
  6. This is like Mickelson vs Stenson. Mickelson played great, but Stenson just didn't miss a putt.
  7. He's not wrong. The last good Cobra driver was the one with the space port thing.
  8. Louis loves to pull the disappearing act on Sunday at a Major.
  9. Streelman making another move in a major. Great day by him.
  10. Miles of Golf in Ann Arbor, MI Try out a graphite putter shaft Firm model
  11. I was going to tell you to hit up J&G's for pizza. It's a staple of the downtown. As for the Margaritas, there are two places (Loma Linda and Venturas) near where you were that have legendary margaritas. Cinco De Mayo is just so so.
  12. Where did you end up eating at today in Sylvania?
  13. Bigger hitters land it over the creek greenside. Most lay back on the hole though.
  14. What did you think of the course? Normally it is hot and very humid, you lucky today.
  15. with 17 and 18 being par 5's, it gets backed up. I was there recently for my cousin's junior golf league and there were 4 groups sitting on the 18th tee waiting because it was so backed up.
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