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  1. Come on, Bryson. Close this out.
  2. Beef injected down the middle on 18.
  3. Cantlay is a POS. Least friendly tour pro I've met.
  4. Steel balls hitting driver there.
  5. None of the problems (all of which are petty rules) are solved by limited driver length.
  6. Finau finally closed one out and it was a big tournament to do it in. Nicely done.
  7. PZero

    Gary McCord

    McCord's problem was that he didn't know when to shut up and always thought he was the show. Feherty gives the right amount of comedy, knowing when to play it straight, and knows when to stop talking.
  8. 23,00 tickets? Should have gone smaller. Like a fraction of a penny lots of times, so over time it adds up to real money.
  9. Several favorites of mine on that list. Haas hasn't been the same since the car crash, Watney hasn't been himself in almost 10 years, Walker's health might be hurting him, and Fowler has been trying to light the fire.
  10. Patrick Rodgers lost his card. I expected him to have won several times by now based on the success he had in college.
  11. Players. The money plus exemptions and tour card status beats out the fancy necklace.
  12. "Scotty's horizontal face milling was inspired by the tire marks left by a leprechaun driving a classic muscle car on the Pacific Coast Highway. The result was a elegant design that is both timeless and thought provoking"
  13. Scotty Cameron Turbo Blue Custom Shop cover. Brand new, never used. $300 Shipped NO TRADES
  14. I miss the AP name. T100 makes me think of The Terminator (T1000).
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