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  1. I did. It was a great interview and she was gracious in defeat. I just thought it was funny seeing her in the background of the interview looking at the waterfall, then taking her shoes off, while they were talking to the winner.
  2. Popov in the background during Ewing's interview lol
  3. It's not allowed, even off duty cops aren't allowed to carry.
  4. Meme aside, the guy in that picture is Steve Grad of Beckett Authentication. He's considered the best in the business. Pawn Stars learned their lesson early on after having the worst in the business as experts.
  5. I have a couple Rory autographs I got from him that look exactly like this. It's his rushed signature where he only signs his first name. OP's Tiger signature is no good.
  6. PZero

    Brooks bryson

    Brooks got into it with DJ at the Ryder Cup. Brooks has a problem with Bryson. Seems to be a common denominator here.
  7. Thought it was great. Give the players a 30 yard buffer. I don't remember people complaining after it happened at the Tour Championship.
  8. You should go read what Arnie's Army did to Jack back in the day. This stuff has been going on forever and in the spotlight for the last 25 years. It is what it is. I actually thought the crowd wasn't bad today.
  9. Every time Brooks opens his mouth, I want to root less and less for him. No redeeming qualities.
  10. OJ Simpson has congratulated Phil on his win. No one was murdered in the making of this clip. Allegedly.
  11. Saw on a betting site twitter page that someone put $1K on Phil to win at 300 to 1. Quite the payday.
  12. Next week everyone will be wearing shades out there.
  13. The locker room attendants are about to get paaaaaaaaid.
  14. Just another reason why golf is amazing.
  15. Tom Brady and Phil, old men getting it done out there.
  16. Bruce with the cold congrats there.
  17. Was that Nick Swisher next to Rahm?
  18. Next Phil is going to hug Tiger's kid after winning lol
  19. Before Tiger won the 2019 Masters, I said the greats always have one last big win.
  20. Safe on 18 and pleasing the crowd.
  21. Since Phil and Stenson going at it.
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