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  1. Sorry about the misinformation! I received the refund and I’ll delete the thread!!
  2. I dont know where to adress this... I sent 220$USD to crispy830 recently to buy a 3wood and a 50 degrees wedge. He sent me a shipping number LA293487169US, which just today marked as ''Shipping left on front porch'' of some adress in California. But my shipping instruction clearly marked a shipping address in Canada! He even confirmed that the shipping was 40$ to canada!!! I simply hope I haven't been robbed or something :(
  3. Same problem here Sent money and waiting on tracking number for 4 days I'll have to open a PayPal dispute ...
  4. As the title says... Looking for a shaft option to put in RBZ 3-wood. I LOVE the 6Z08 in my R11s. Should I just put the same shaft in the 3-wood? Also, at which length? I play my drive at 44.5" Thanks in advance!! Francis
  5. Need your opinion pleaseHi guys, I had a Rombax 6z08 with the FT Tour head on. It was a great combo but it's the third time now the FT tour head breaks. I want to put a new driver head on the Rombax but I am kind of lost with a few great options R11s RBZ 910D3 I'm looking for something a bit forgiving and a bit workable too Thanks in advance
  6. Yeah that's the feeling I have too. they have good feel when hit well but I don't find them that much explosive either
  7. Need your opinion pleaseHi! I currently have the MP-30 with DGS300 on them. I'm wondering if I should change the shaft on them to Project X 6.0 or buy a used set of MP-68 with Project X 6.0 on them. I play 6-7 handicap. What are your thoughts?
  8. Hi, I'm looking to change my MP-30 shafts. I've tryied PX 6.5 satin and I really liked the feeling. I can't seem to find any pulls anywhere, all I can find are 6.0 Do you guys think the step between 6.5 down to 6.0 would be that noticeable?
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