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  1. Go to Billy Bob’s golf, they carry a PXG ferrule that also has the special taper tip cup that PXG uses for a taper tip shaft. https://www.billybobsgolf.com/?product_cat=&s=PXG&post_type=product
  2. It’s not unheard of…I’ve played my irons standard on 4-6 & standard and -1 on 7-9 & -1.5 on pw-sw.
  3. I’m 6’ and have longer than normal arms (36” sleeves) but I play my irons +1/2”....so 38 1/2” 5 iron..standard to 1/2* flat). I use to play at standard or +1/4” but I would grip the club at the end of the cap, now I grip down a little more so I’ve added some length.
  4. Call the boys at TXG they can build you a set.
  5. Thanks Stuart...I always appreciate your feedback. The swingweight for the 50* graphite is the same as the original Stella shaft setup at D3, also I used a 95gram shaft when my iron shafts are only in the 65-70gram range. Still searching for the right set for just the 50*.
  6. Similar swing speed.... I’m playing a Ventus Red R in a Tour Edge C721 and found similar results, more boring penetrating ball flight plus about 15-20 yds of rollout.
  7. I have played graphite iron shafts for a while know, Recoil ESX 460s which are mid60 weight. I have stayed with the steel shafts in my 50* & 54* wedges. I’ve tried graphite in my 50* and did not like it, but I use my 50* a lot for chipping and the graphite (95gram) feels to light and loses feedback and feel.
  8. I recently read that the sunglasses are ROKA sunglasses. They are DTC only out of Austin, TX.
  9. Interesting....I picked up a Mitchell Ruler this spring and I have found it to measure slightly shorter usually 1/8” than the 60* USGA method I’ve used in the past...needless to say as long as the build lengths are consistent I’m not worried.
  10. Use should look at a TT AMT White for your utility...it should check all the boxes you are looking to achieve.
  11. Are you comparing the uncut PX shafts to your current shafts?? You are aware that the new shafts have to be butt trimmed, they do not come to you trimmed. What is the current playing length of your irons...
  12. They are the best!! I’ve been shopping at Carl’s for over 40 years...their customer service is the best in the business. I recently had an issue with a special order that came in wrong and they corrected the issue to my satisfaction, without any drama!
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