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  1. I’ve used the GolfWorks tape for years and never had any issues. Also use the odorless mineral spirits, I’ve tried the Brampton grip solvent but prefer the mineral spirits.
  2. I use the OD of an iron hosel when ordering ferrules.
  3. How To Enter 1. Must subscribe to Club Champion's YouTube channel HERE DONE 2. Search for your local Club Champion location HERE DONE 3. What Club Champion location would you get fit at? DETROIT 4. Have you been fit for clubs before? YES 5. What part of your bag could use a fitting? My irons
  4. 1. West Bloomfield MI 2. 4.7 3. Callaway Rogue Pro / Mizuno HM Pro 4. Right handed 5. I’m looking for a new set of irons and I like the new 201 design. 6. Yes
  5. I’m currently playing the ES 460… but I’ve played the ESX 780 & the Smacwrap 780 plus 2 older UST Tour Weight graphites in 95 & 125. One of my issues with these is even though they are taper tip from UST they are descending weight and the short irons just don’t feel right. I’m going to test the Recoil 95 & the Steelfiber i95 & fc90.
  6. Thanks for the feedback…I’ve never played KBS shafts. Never liked the feel of Rifles & Project X shafts. Before graphite I’ve played DGS300s, TT AMTs and Ping AWTs. I have played some 90-95 gram graphites in the past but still searching for the right combination.
  7. I’m looking for some feedback….trying to find a graphite shaft in the 90-95 gram area that has a similar EI profile to a Modus 120 regular shaft. I like the feel of a Modus 120 but need a little lighter weight in graphite. I’ve had too many wrist and elbow issues to go back to steel shafts. I’ve used sensicore inserts in the past but that’s not enough vibration damping for me now. I’ve been playing a light weight UST Recoil the last few years but I need something with a little more weight especially in the short irons.
  8. The Recoil 780 f3 .370 shaft would work in the hybrids. UST also makes a Recoil ES hybrid shaft that is very similar to the 780 that would work.
  9. Recoil 95 are only a 6 gram weight difference between 2 iron & PW…where the TT AMT shaft is a 24 gram difference between 2 & PW. I wouldn’t consider the Recoil shaft to be an Ascending Weight Shaft option. Another option could be the Steelfiber 90fc…while it’s not an AWT shaft it will play similar IMO to an AWT shaft.
  10. AP1s are a cast club…changing lie on a cast club always runs the risk on breaking the club…whether the person is experienced or not..experience should lessen the chance of the club breaking.
  11. Golfsmith was bought by Golf Galaxy then Dick’s bought Golf Galaxy. Not GolfWorks…
  12. Stuart How would you compare a Recoil 95 F3 to the Steelfiber fc 90 iron shafts? I’m currently playing Recoil ESX 460 F3s but want more weight in a similar shaft profile. Also want to stay with taper tips I don’t care for the descending weights of a .370 shaft…short irons seen too light for my tempo. Thanks
  13. The Lamkin grips are slightly larger (not Midsize), I believe they are a .580 vs a .600 for the TV+4. For me the TV+4 feels softer than the standard TV. I have tried the TV+4 and did not like it compared to a TV. Lamkin Crossline feels slightly firmer to me than a standard TV. Hope this help you.
  14. Just so you are aware..I’ve been told by Jim Y at GolfWorks that they use Quick Center on all of their in house builds.
  15. The BeCu is now considered a hazardous material…it’s the reason Ping stopped manufacturing the BeCu clubs.
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