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  1. I feel your dads pain..I had bilateral knee replacement in 2014 and I still have issues...I had a lot of success with McDavid braces. I had custom braces prior to surgery and they never worked as well as the McDavid braces. This one worked for me. https://www.mcdavidusa.com/collections/braces-supports/products/knee-brace-w-polycentric-hinges
  2. They do sell a 7 7/8 fitted hat similar to an New Era..I bought one last year for my brother.
  3. I have a set of the Maltby DBM irons that I’ve played on and off for 2 years and they still look great...my son has Cobra CB/MB irons and they also don’t show a lot of wear. Most of the other black irons look terrible after a couple of months of play.
  4. You can look on YouTube there are a number of videos that will show you how to do the paint fills. Like all paint jobs the prep is the key.
  5. Before you change shafts try turning down the 23* to a 25* and see what your results are like. You could also take a 1/2” off the shaft, that could help.
  6. That shouldn’t be an issue to extend the shaft up to 2” with those extensions.
  7. I kind of agree with Stuart...your totally overthinking this! The most important is feel and are the grip working for you.
  8. Look at a Nippon Modus 105 or TT Elevate 95 or DG 105
  9. I’ve used Senicores for many years due to golfer elbow and they worked well to keep away the pain...but I also learned to become a picker vs digger. I did move over to graphite shafts a couple of years ago but mainly due to age!
  10. That’s how I’ve played my wedges. Actually have played my 50* at the same length as my PW for a long time, I’ve always used my SW at standard length for more control in the bunkers...don’t carry a 60* anymore.
  11. Check out this website it maybe helpful. http://www.clubsofdistinction.com
  12. Very nice! I have one in the basement that’s very similar....I have a friend that played golf at USC with Roger and he had him make one for me in my specs back in the 90s...it’s a keeper!
  13. Actually at Augusta National they gang mow the fairways..they will line up several mowers to do one fairway. There have been many pictures of their mowing process over the years. Remember money does not always enter into their decisions. So yes they will mow as Phil has described.
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