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  1. Tour Issue Rogue SZ 9* Driver Head. $100 shipped obo. Bought used, hasn't seen action in a while. Good shape. Outside of minor surface swirls and scratches there are two paint chips on the toe. I can't find the specs sticker for loft and lie but see the weight below. Comes with matching headcover.
  2. For sale: Autoflex SF505 rainbow shaft. Shaft is in excellent condition and has a brand new Lamkin Sonar Wrap grip installed last week. Shaft comes with an All Fit adapter and Titleist, Callaway and Cobra collars and screws so you can tinker and experiment with different heads. I am the original owner and had the shaft butt cut .5". With the All Fit adapter, it measures 43.75" end to end. When you put on one of the collars it will add to playing length. For example, this set up with a Callaway Rogue SZ head plays just under 45.5". Asking $675 obo shipped CONUS. Please let me know if you have any questions. Steve
  3. Ventus Black 6S shaft with LH Cobra adapter. Measures 43.5" and plays to 45" with Cobra head. Shaft is in overall great condition. There are a few marks under the adapter which can easily be covered by ferrule or different adapter. GP microsuede grip. $OLD shipped CONUS.
  4. I really haven't used much of the accessories that come with it outside of the cupholder. For small items, including a rangefinder, I bought this clicgear rangefinder "pouch". The attachments are the same so they work on a MGI Navigator as well. https://www.fairwaygolfusa.com/category/select/pid/866/language/en?region=usa&gclid=CjwKCAjw_JuGBhBkEiwA1xmbRVgAyBT0ubI10AniccU_DB5aLOb5jaWXpmTCAjXZlZuoTJtzN9eIJxoCeo4QAvD_BwE
  5. LH Ping G410 Crossover 20* Driving Iron with upgraded AD DI 85S shaft. MCC +4 standard grip. Great condition. PM with any questions. $200 obo includes CONUS shipping.
  6. So, it's been a little over a year with my Zip Navigator AT (from Costco). I think it probably has about 20-25 rounds on it. When it runs, it's awesome. Like, best decision I have made with golf gear. However earlier this season I have had issues with a fully charged battery conking out on me. Initially it will run, then after I stop the cart, the battery gauge will blink and the cart will not start. In many cases simply pulling the battery off the ports then re-connecting will get it to run. But not all of the time and I have been left having to push this thing manually around the course before which sucks. On one occasion, I couldn't get the wheels to move to the non-locked position and had to push it around with the wheels locked up. That was awful and got to the point where I was holding the cart like a barbell curl to lift the rear wheels off the ground...for almost an entire 9 holes. This past weekend we were out and it died on the range. Fortunately I had enough time to get it back to the car but ended up having to walk and carry. And when I plan on using the cart, I typically load it up with s*** to weigh it down, so it's a rough carry. Edit: I initiated an exchange on Costco's website but then called CS to ensure I could return the Zip Navigator to my local store, rather than ship that beast and they said yes. So I did that this afternoon and a manager made sure my order was updated to show the in-person return and I am now just waiting on shipping confirmation of the new cart.
  7. $old shipped Conus Head is virtually unused with clean crown, face and topline. Shaft is used and shows some wear namely in the graphics. GP Z Cord midsized grip is like new. Comes with non-matching headcover.
  8. It's awesome to read all of these reviews. I put an 8* tsi3 head on my SF505 then went with a midsize Z cord grip, so I haven't done any tinkering with SW. I have an early release and tee the ball high so I typically hit a very high, lower spin ball. I'll be on a TM later this week to try it out and will report back.
  9. Shout out to @My2Dogs for hooking me up with my 505. Gonna try with a tsi2 or tsi3 to start. Can't wait to actually try this thing.
  10. 1) Taylormade SIM 9* driver head in excellent shape. Face and top line are nice and clean. Sole shows very little use. Comes with matching SIM headcover. No wrench. 2) Upgraded Graphite Design Tour AD XC 6X shaft. Has RH adapter. New GP standard Z grip. Measures 44.5" grip to tip and plays right at 46". 3) Stock Diamana Limited 60 S shaft. Has LH adapter. New GP standard Z grip. Measures 44.5" grip to end of tip and plays right at 46". SIM head and stock Diamana 60S $320 AD XC shaft only $165 Prices are shipped CONUS. Thanks, Steve
  11. Big boy combo for sale! LH Taylormade SIM 9* driver with upgraded Tour AD XC 7S shaft. Excellent condition. Top line and crown are mint. Face shows normal wear from hitting balls. Blemishes on the sole are surface scratches. No dings, gouges, or dents. Shaft measures just over 44.5" so club plays right at 46". Standard GP Z grip. Comes with matching SIM headcover and wrench. $450 shipped Conus for this combo. SOLD
  12. Most of the time I put it in my back pocket. I have the Clicgear rangefinder bag on my MGI and sometimes will throw it in there. I don't know if I have ever used the cradle underneath.
  13. With regard to stand bags on the MGI, 99% of the time I use my Vessel/Cobra stand bag on the MGI. It sits well and the biggest plus is that this bag has a little velcro strap to keep the stand legs from kicking open on the cart. This is important because when I have tried a different bag like my SM 2.5 or 3.5 the legs will kick out and will rub against the wheels or even get in the way of the wheels. I was thinking maybe keeping a rubber band in the pocket would work to wrap around the legs so they cannot extend out. In a pinch, I turned the bag sideways on the MGI which worked although it looked pretty ghetto. I've had my Navigator AT now for a few months a good number of rounds and absolutely love it.
  14. Ping G410 Plus Driver 9* head only $260 > $240 SOLD Raw SM7 54/10 S Grind wedge Overall great condition KBS Hi Rev 2.0 125 S shaft Like new GP CP2 Pro Standard grip Appears to be slightly longer than standard $70 shipped Mizuno JPX 900 Forged 5-GW $400 shipped > SOLD
  15. No trades at this time. PM with any questions. Thanks, Steve SOLD Super rare left handed Toulon Latrobe. Yep, I bought it last week, rolled it for one round (had protective tape on the sole). Sweet flat stick but can’t beat my gamer. Putter is mint, limited #165 of 170 lefties made commemorating Arnold Palmer. Measures 35". Comes with awesome headcover. $650 shipped CONUS obo SOLD Callaway Super Hybrid. 17* rocket launcher. Everything stock, comes with real deal Tensei Orange 80S shaft and original headcover. Sole and face show normal wear. Crown and top line are mint. $240 shipped CONUS obo SOLD
  16. Rapsodo MLM Mobile Launch Monitor. Had for just over a month and used twice at the range.SOLD $400 OBO shipped CONUS. No trades. PM with any questions. Thanks.
  17. Good to know. Yeah, I've been using SM bags and they're serviceable but not perfect by any means with the way they fit. I'll check out Bag Boy. Also have been deliberating Vessel just because those bags are awesome!
  18. I have now had a few more opportunities to take out the Navigator AT. It's awesome. Walking with no carry or push makes such a difference on those uphill holes near the end of the round. I will say the remote is a huge help. In fact, I don't know what someone would do without one. Like how do you control the cart if its ahead of you????? I use the handle part when steering over curbs or through tight or crowded areas. I did have a tip over on the side of a hill, LOL. I don't think it was due to being top heavy, more just carelessness on my part. I also swapped out my SM 2.5 for my 3.5 and it seems to fit better on the cart. On the cart itself there is really no storage. The cup holder is fine. It will hold just about anything. I bought one of those Clic Gear rangefinder/valuables case that fits onto the plastic button clips and that's helpful to fit some extra stuff in there if you don't want to always go to your bag. Anyway, it's not really a full on review but just a few positive observations after a few rounds.
  19. Cool. Yeah, I have only used the cart for a quick nine the other day so far so there’s still a lot to figure out. It’s awesome that’s for sure. I changed from a Sun Mountain 2.5 to 3.5 and it seems to fit much better. How about the bottom bag bungee? Can you tighten it at all? It just seems a bit worthless since it doesn’t really fit around my bag snugly.
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