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  1. My 7 total yardage is 162, again by Arccos. Problem with my driving is that I'm also crooked. Short and crooked is no way to go thru life.
  2. Ok, so how do I not give this a try. Driving is the weakest part of my game - confirmed by Arccos. 56 y.o., I probably ain't getting faster. 95 - 100 driver speed. 238 yard total average over my last 10 plus rounds. Smooth tempo. 7 hcap. But, why do I feel like PT Barnum had something to say about me after I buy one.
  3. Looking for a quarter zip with good wind resistance. Would like a slimmer fit with quality fabric. Open to any brand. Thanks.
  4. The GForce guy's video on transition (pull down on the handle hard, straight line to the ball) seems to contradict what Hutt and Monte suggest is the proper first move and also seems contrary to what i thought the gforce club would promote. was close to buying but not i'm not so sure
  5. Can be deleted, found the other thread.
  6. I've been searching for a new stand bag. I originally was looking for a Sunday bag, but many of them do not have legs, which are a must. Cost is not really the issue. I think I've concluded that a 2019 Sun Mountain 2.5 is the closest thing to what I am looking for. But, I had one from a few years ago and the straps were junk. If anyone has other suggestions, I'd appreciate it. Bag can be very simple, but has to have legs. I saw one possibility on the pga ss site, but it didn't even list a brand name, so I was reluctant to pick it up. Thanks in advance, be safe people.
  7. Could be. He described it as feeling like the ball was just rolling up the face without real compression. I kinda laughed at the description, but maybe he was on to something!
  8. Thanks. No club data, just ball as the GC didn't have the ability to read club. It was at a PGA SS and the guy was really nice and recommended not buying anything b/c his own driver was outputting about the same.
  9. We were at a store with a GC quad and my friend was trying some drivers. Ball speed was consistently high 150's. Launch angle seemed high, 14 or more. Spin was really high, really hard to get it below 3k. How much of this is swing vs. club. People have told him he must be hitting down on it, but its a 9 degree driver, so how could it launch so high? We tried the low spin Ping driver and it was still too high. Thoughts on how to lower launch and spin at the same time?
  10. Sorry if this has been discussed already. If there is evidence that only one stick is really needed, at about 90% of the weight of a full driver, would it make sense to do the protocols with a women's driver. Are women's drivers about 10% less in weight. If so, all I have to do it go to the garage. No need to order anything.
  11. I may be headed to a conference in Tucson for the first week of march. Its at the J W Marriott. Any suggestions on whether we should just play there or head out? Games will be rusty coming out of the northeast. Would be looking for a scenic course as opposed to a tough track. The better half likes good scenery. Advice appreciated!
  12. > @MonteScheinblum said: > Hit a 120-130 club with a shorter backswing, less speed and hit it solid. Nice topic for an Insta how to? :)
  13. I play a pretty high ball normally. I struggle in the wind with shots around 100 yards. Downwind can be even harder than into the wind. A right to left is deadly for me as I tend to draw the ball, especially with any type of knock down or partial shots. So, what do you all do with 100 into the wind? 100 downwind? 100 with firm right to left wind?
  14. No products necessary. Just keep a **_damp _**towel in your hands in between shots. I have never worn a glove and don't have a problem. The damp towel somehow takes the oils off your hands and lets you grip the club. Seriously works.
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