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  1. used SC300. purchased a skytrak, so this has no use. Got me through the tough times of the great golf shutdown 2020. updated the firmware this morning. last image shows scratches on top. spin available in app. 350.00 OBO shipped to a new home.
  2. Negative on the coke. Chrome stripping is an entire process with acids and such. I used the iron factory for a set of old callaways. Turned out well,I did get them refinished in the black chrome, so not sure the damage for just stripping. Keel in mind, they will come back lighter than the heads left.
  3. I usually find my putting goes to hell when I rush the forward stroke. I usually average 2.2 putts per hole,so not a great putter in the least. Today I got in with 32 putts. Didnt 3 putt a single hole and made a couple 1 putts. First, I chose smarter approach points to the green. Tried to give myself as good a look as I could. Mostly staying beneath the pin and playing to the fat of the green when possible. After that, I focused on keeping the back and through stroke the same length and tempo. 3 little bears practice stroke. 1 too little, 1 too much, 1 just right and then putt the just right. Falling too much in love with line is a killer when you suck at putting. I just try as much to get the speed proper and the second putt is usually a short one. Good luck.
  4. I Ho until I find myself walking over golf Stuff. Then I hit the classifieds and sell down my inventory. If I go more than a season without touching them, unless they have sentimental value, I move them. Ho as much as you can stand/afford. Its your garage.
  5. Usefulness is totally up to you. I have been as low as a 5Hcp and currently (following 3 years at sea) I'm down to an 11. I use the data that I trust the most. This unit is hella accurate with short shots. Well, as accurate as I expect a unit to be for this price point. I am a grinder on the range and this gives me feedback. I make a small adjustment and I get the feedback of ball speed and smash factor. Past 170 yds, I dont put too much into the ranges. Grooving my shorter swings has helped me to dial in my wedge yardage. On course, I feel a ton more comfortable staring down a 60yd shot than I did before incorporating the sc300 into my practice sessions. Last point, it is nice to hit a drive and have the unit announce 300, haha. That's purely ego.
  6. Go grab a Proforce V2 hybrid shaft. Will only cost 50 US new, so its worth the try. I have one in my Xforged UT 18*. Thing hits bombs. I play X stiff in driver, but like Stiff in my woods and hybrids.
  7. For the elusive spin readout you have to get the app and on the stats page scroll all the wat to the right.
  8. Have been using for a few days now. The spin numbers do appear to be in the ball park. I hit a few cuts and the distance was down, spin up and vice-versa with the draws. Driver spin was right on the mark this session. Range balls are range balls, so I dont expect the unit to give me course numbers on the range, but I do use the unit for a general understanding of what my changes are doing to impact. One thing that I found absolutely wonderful was the smash factor. I used impact tape to track contact, and the unit was spot on. Sweet spot strikes yielded high smash factor whereas the toe/heel strikes were considerably worse. Hitting into the net using the SC300 has allowed me to groove my swing a better with feedback on ball speed and contact. I will be keeping this unit. One last point, the height has to be level with the hitting area. I found that the foam protection in the box was the perfect height for most mats and the box itself made a great stand for the mats at the course.
  9. Not sure about the back calculator on spin. Some of mine read 0 which leads me to believe it's something the radar has to pick up. Either way, I find the spin to be a little high on driver, spot on on 3w. Only have one session under the belt, do still using. Will check out on the backyard range and see.
  10. ^^^^This!!! I use this method and blow on/off grips all the time. Older grips that Im not saving I just cut off, though. Check the interwebs for tons of how to vids.
  11. I went with the iron factory on a set of razrMB irons. Went with the black chrome. They came back flawless. Not sure on the regrooving question, but I did opt for that. Compared to a still stick set, they appeared identical and the company offers a conforming groove option (for what that's worth). Feel felt unchanged and the heads did come back a little light, but I was able to get the swing weights set up with little issue. I played them for two years and the finish held up as well as any other club I gamed.
  12. I moved from the Flash SZ to the M5 tour. Dispersion was the key. The Mavrik SZ just upended the M5 by a large margin. All around was a better fit for me. One thing of note, I didnt like the stock shaft offering. I ended up putting in the Hzrdus Black 6.5. Both shafts were cut to a playing length of 44.5". With the Rouge, the driver swingweight dropped to D0. (this may be a contributor) With the black I was at D4. Driver felt solid on contact and was noticeably longer than my previous offerings. For note, Arccos had my driving average right at 265 and the round with Mavrik averaged 290 with a long of 311. Staying in the bag for sure.
  13. Value Golf has a calculator. you will need a kitchen scale or something similar to get the total weight. I used this on a build while I waited on my scale to come in. Came in pretty close.
  14. I have a tendency of addressing my woods too far forward in stance. Resulting shot is usually a hard hook. Back an inch and I start stripping them again. If you were hitting it well, I would check your setup basics and make sure you dont have something starting badly. Good luck.
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