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  1. considering the switch to a set of x100s... can anyone provide information on how different these shafts would be?
  2. 690 cb's (loved the long blade) mp 60s among the "newish irons", the cobra fly z pros
  3. http://www.golfchannel.com/news/golf-central-blog/usga-taking-steps-prevent-rules-controversy/ on the heels of Men's US Open controversy, funny that usga preemptively took a stance that resulted in another controversy
  4. yup, I shut off the TV when NYC shot 40 on the front
  5. son was fitted with Fly Z, 75gm tour blue X, works the ball either way, generally hits high deep bombs, great wind shots when ball needs to be flighted down hasn't looked back to his r15 since great club, even better shaft
  6. that playoff hole, with wind gusting into, seemed like Shanshan had an advantage hitting a long iron vs NYCs hybrid, which gotten eaten up by the wind great to see both of them making alot of birdies
  7. i appreciated the instagram feed on this golf course, "goofy golf" "what a ##### tour!" i lmao
  8. right shape shot, way too deep given the hazard, wind and green speed interesting he pulled a club that got to the water hazard i'm guessing decision? because his execution was awesome given the requirements of the shot he has so much game, loved to watch such high level play
  9. mizuno badging and titleist tungsten inserts leave the forged cb market wide open have considered both of these irons as a replacement, love the grinds of both the bridgestones and zrixons
  10. nice to see Jenny win, she seemed really solid all day was sad to see the 6 shot swing btwn Jenny and Gerina, gifting her the win interesting to see that Gerina has issues playing in the present, changing her pre shot routine cadence when she got the lead Saturday...
  11. I saw MW a few times at the swinging skirts last week, I followed NYC every round, so I could stay away from MW's crowd/media onslaught first encounter, i noticed was her parents practically knocking people over trying to keep up with her as she walked from putting green to range second, after she had finished a putting drill putting thru horseshoe shaped wires, standing by her bag holding them in the air (looking annoyed he took so long) waiting for her dad to come by and take them leaving the event after NYC finished, I was walking to my car through a grocery store parking lot, I notic
  12. 3.0 gpa, he's working on getting his science grade up at the current moment
  13. I have a junior golfer, 18 yrs old, recently started with him (January 2016) on course strategy and his short game last week set high school scoring record with a 33 (4 birdies1 bogey), won jtnc (jtnc.org) tourney last weekend shooting 65 (8 birdies, 1bogey), 76 problem is, he doesn't post scores after his rounds (too tired, done playing golf, just wants to go home) so his index is 5.0 he recently received an acceptance letter from his 1st choice college with no men's golf program I am aware there are many paths in competitive golf, would love to hear others experiences and what other
  14. One of the best swings on tour :)
  15. did i read somewhere that she actually was injured?
  16. yes, i was annoyed watching the golf channel crew frantically following wie, lexi as other players were lighting up the course followed Na Yeon all day, she was deadly with her wedges and putting well too.... wind kicked in the afternoon, under par rounds were scarce which was a shame after watching them tear the course apart in the morning
  17. i attended practice round yesterday, was great to see the players with their 'teams'..... may head to practice rounds today.....wow...In Gee Chun is 5' 9" and kills it.......allergies were annoying many of the players
  18. yup, there's no question that Ariya has issues closing, and whether she found out seeing a leaderboard or talking with Jerry Foltz is not important compared to her addressing her mental game issues
  19. ??I fail to see how that would be different than looking at a leaderboard. how many leaderboards do you think they passed prior to teeing off on 16?
  20. Between 15 green and 16 tee, Ariya's caddie asked Foltz how they were doing, it's no mistake that her collapse began on that hole, I think it's unfortunate that on course commentators can play a role in determining the result of a major
  21. Great opportunity to see their wind games, Ko's game seemed perfect for wind, as does NYC's, tho the scoring doesn't show that
  22. Compared tpx, prov1x, b330 with junior (165 mph ball speed driver) they all cut wind great on well struck shots, flighted low, and every ball ballooned on mishits or shots flighted too high in high winds Could not tell the difference on blind tests
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