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  1. It's a marathon over decades of honing the skill, not a sprint to be the best in 1-2 years. Development takes time. How often do you change everything in one year/season (and perfect it immediately)? I feel this year is getting used to the newfound (expanded) length. Explore the maximum - find the limit. Next year/season (or maybe by the end of this one), once BD figures out the limits, he backs it off a little and starts working on becoming more versatile in the shot making for another season or so. Do race car diving F1 winners win the championship their first year behind the wheel of a c
  2. So, .... Westwood/DeChambeau match in the Ryder Cup this year? I would be shocked if it didn't happen. Shocked.
  3. Rory with a tin cup moment on 6. 2 in, takes different route as #5 off tee.
  4. I found it took about 1.5 seasons of it for the brother/sister to gel as actors together, and start acting like siblings and not just saying lines. Couple interesting trivia bits on the show, most know that David is played by Eugene Levy's, son, Dan. Twyla, the cafe owner, is his real life sister. Eugenes daughter, Sarah. Dan can hardly ever keep a straight face when recording and if you watch, many cut scenes with him have him just about to laugh and has to purse his lips, walk off, turn around, etc....
  5. DON'T CLICK THOSE LINKS BY briggers! ^^^^^^^^^^ Briggers, don't use short URLS. We don't know if they are good or if they just bring one to a virus laiden site, and it's stupid to just click on them "to find out". (And also that this is your 1st post here.... I'm thinking spammer)
  6. Talk me off a ledge here. TRD Off Road RAV 4 starts at $36k. 4Runner Trail is $38k. Why would one get a RAV4 over the 4Runner for roughly the same price?
  7. Imp


    "Is dat Chicago Deepdish all mine"?
  8. This is the part of the game I hate. Harris going back to the tee to re-hit after hitting into the trees on 12. He was told it was in the woods by marshal, and didn't hit a provisional.
  9. A few months ago, after golf ended I found I had a lot of time on my hands... so started spending time in the kitchen playing with stuff, working on some biscuit, cookies, deserts, bread, and especially pizza recipes. I used to spend a few weeks a year in Michigan for work and took a liking to Detroit Style pizza, so that was one of my goals... to get back into making pizza. (I used to manage a local place 30 years ago, but was not detroit, just a local greek-ish style pizza). So after a while, along with some "almosts" and complete failures, (with the help of some youtube vids) I started g
  10. I have been watching youtube videos mostly how to make pizzas and make/bake breads. Some failures, some fantastic results. Have to say that I am most pleased with my efforts in making Detroit Style Pizza. But while in the kitchen playing.... also catching up on my classic anime (Naruto et.al) , and marvel series like Agents of SHIELD, etc... The wife likes Schitts Creek. Oh, and yeah, another vote for The Queens Gambit.
  11. And that's where I was leaning, but ... how will the committee know if it was a serious breach, if the player didn't mention anything, and the question mentions nothing of the FCs/marker saying anything either (lot's of "what ifs" that go unanswered in 22)? I'm relying on 20.1.C, in that the player didn't discuss with FCs what he was doing (not mentioned in the question at least), being 'sure of themselves', and in not doing so, I believe would constitute a serious breach there. While the player "thought it was easy" they proceeded wrongly... Discussing with FCs should/could have been done
  12. Please quote where either of us mentioned "free" either... I even went as far as saying "1SP". I simply quoted the rule agreeing with you that it's not free relief, (so 2 places in my post saying it's not free) but that wasn't why I quoted it, it was the 'bush" part. You're skimming stuff and doing yourself a disservice.
  13. 17.e.2: "But there is no free relief from interference by the no play zone under (2): When playing the ball as it lies would be clearly unreasonable because of something other than the no play zone (for example, when a player is unable to make a stroke because of where the ball lies in a bush)" The rules even call out that if the ball is in the bush that is in the PA, and not in the NPZ, and cannot make a swing, you don't get 1SP/relief from the NPZ.
  14. I would have to disagree. I believe with that dash/gauge cluster layout, along with a glovebox, that's a Superformance MkIII in Portofino (that shade of blue is specific to Superformance). Also interior is just wayyyyyyyyy too new with no, literally no signs of aging (shiny side pipes are a dead giveaway too). Can't see the pedals. Most if not all reproductions have them suspended and not out of the floor. If you see it again, peek your head in the drivers side and look at them. I live about 15 min from Factory Five and have learned more about Cobras than I ever thought I would, mostly
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