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  1. It is, but, I have a hard time there for some reason. Usually wet/soggy ground.
  2. Played most those NE courses, was supposed to play Secession the week after Matthew hit. I wouldn't call Kittansett or Newport "fun". They are complete tests. Sakonnet is good, unless the wind is blowing (which is rare it isn't). Playing a bit here in HHI right now for vacation, and someone earlier mentioned Harbor Town, and again, that's target golf. Not much in the way of options for "fun". But, if target golf is your thing.... I can see how it would be considered as such. Hilton Head National? That's fun. Shot options, allowing multiple ways to get to the green, but still requiring solid shots all around. Newport National? Same (if in Southern New England). However, there's a couple more that I'll add to the list for "fun"... Virtues (used to be Longaberger) in OH, and Ballyowen in NJ.
  3. I'm up to three now, in two separate threads, me and 2 others, same separation. And we're just a "small" sample, I think.
  4. Ok. Ya'll got in your "last words". Let. It. Go. Stahp.
  5. $150 shoes. I have some, cheaper dress shoes, cheaper walking shoes, that have more hours on them, more miles on them, and they are still comfy and have not suffered catastrophic separation *like this* nor even delaminated between the layers. They do have wear. Yes. However, it's actually minimal under the shoe (hardly ever walk on pavement). You see things differently, and I can appreciate that. However, you'd be best served to stop trumpeting the "but it's wear" angle. It's not. It's a failure of material. Shoes don't *WEAR* like this. I asked you a question before, you skated around it. How long should shoes last? You stated you just buy new ones when you feel like they're worn, without really answering the "how long should they last?" (Until you throw them away?) I'll add another... Have you seen *WEAR* like this before?
  6. How long should shoes last? My estimate/number is much higher then yours. I stand/walk around all day at work, and have shoes that had many more hours of time on them than my golf shoes that are worn for about 15 hours a week at most, and hardly at all over the winter. I *don't* think that the time worn and miles I had should have this catastrophic separation. It's a design flaw in my opinion. I've never, ever, had ANY golf shoes do this. It's abnormal in the industry. Have you heard of it happening before? So I'm not sure why you're trying to say "meh, just buy new ones" with *my* experience. Notice, I'm not the only one, either.
  7. I can understand how you are simply suggesting a resolution in how you would solve this particular problem your way. I hope you understand, 1) I am not you and 2) I disagree with your resolution. Thanks.
  8. I bought spikeless so they'd last longer than regular. But, I did put over 1000 miles on them, with maybe 200-250 in a cart.
  9. I found out today that my 2/20 mfr date code chaos shoes I bought last April right before covid hit and locked everything down had developed this crack, and probably as I think about it... a while ago (never noticed until today) based on the dirt and crap stuck in the crack. Figure they've been like this for at least a couple months, when they started to squeak when walking. Was told only 6 month warranty, so SOL on mfr defect or getting them covered. Just watch out when buying them, maybe get a year out of them. Kind of pricy for shoes only warrantied for a half year. Comfy? Yes. Grippy? Yes. Heck, they can break and won't even feel it! I went to clean them a bit today and, that's when I found it. (Never really look at bottoms of shoes....and had to bend it lightly to see it. If not holding like this, they still look fine.) Edit: This morning, I pulled in my Garmin connect data, and since I bought them, I've logged 1,075 miles on these, and of that, I'd say 15-20% was riding (I walk when I can), So, straight conversion is around $.14/mile. Not the best ROI, but served me well-ish. Still didn't last 2 years (main reason I bought spikeless is longevity vs having to replace spikes all the time - seems like Adidas "fixed that glitch"), and what really grinds my gears, is I'm on vacation and have to break in a new set of shoes that I'll pick up this morning, to make my tee time later this morning. Reading some reviews, the CodeChaos21 is a bit warmer in the foot, and that doesn't make me warm and fuzzy (or does it?) that I'd buy them... I need breathing and a cool foot And they don't have the new solarthon in stock anywhere. *ugh*
  10. And now if I want to put a date on it, I'm thinking 3 months or so ago, hearing my shoes squeak while walking and it's wet. Thought it was just the cleats getting worn out and rubbing a little. I already bought a new pair tonight, but may just go return them tomorrow morning and get a different mfr (but the grip with these even in the wet were great).
  11. Noticing now that Adidas says 6mos for shoes. Anyone know what it was on 2020 when I bought my shoes (just before Covid hit) and when that may had changed? These were Mfr in 2/20. Worst time to notice, because I'm on vaca in Hilton head. But they appear to have been this way for a while due to the grass and dirt caked in there. Nothing felt different while walking, playing other than the occasional "foot slip" ...
  12. Yes, course layout and conditions are good to great. the hold-back is the price for the play. The price is overrated for what you get (which is nothing more than golf). As someone that lives nearby, no. NN is not worth the money they are asking. Take off $30-50 and you're in business. Why? 1) Still a trailer for a clubhouse. 2) no real amenities that a premium course should have (bar, restaurant, driving range, practice area). Those two reasons alone are why the price for what you get simply doesn't match. 3) No real 'sellable' view. It's farm land converted to a course. I'm down in hilton head right now and all of these courses here for that price (and cheaper) have amenities out the wazoo, great views, etc... Same with almost all other courses in the US. It's a $100 course, max, and that's still a big premium over most courses in the area. When they finally build the vinyard 9, and clubhouse, and driving range, sure. bump it up a hair... but they have been saying that for years, with plans, (and justification for bumping up the rate years ago with the new ownership) BUT in those past couple years... ground still hasn't been broken on it... 3 years later. Many feel they're going to take the money and run/sell it and never see the other 9/clubhouse that was promised. Like a carrot, bump up the price saying "its coming" and ... vapor.
  13. Generally, they wait for one to hit, then drive, and then start everything over again for the other rider. Exactly the wrong thing to do (unless the other player is further down, or in the way) Everyone needs their own carts to go to their own ball. Most don't get the "park the cart in the middle" and walk to the balls, or park at one and then walk to the other. Worst, ever, is "cart path only" on a course where carts are mandatory.
  14. As other have covered, you're giving out free golf for slow play: Bad idea. 4:00 is not free but 4:01 is free? I can do that! Conversely, rewarding fast play can also be gamed. Skip 18, make it in time, free stuff, refund? Great. How do you track "time", GPS carts? You'll need someone to man the helm to let marshals know. Punch card? Again, I can skip holes, or punch late on 1, etc... Many ways someone can take advantage of a system when "free/discounted" comes into play. Also, marshals, "oh, you guys are my pals, just tell them...." Bad idea all around. Best way to make a round quicker? Remove/reduce obstacles on the course. Balls in trees? Trim trees up, clean underneath (or if thick enough, mark as environmentally sensitive no play penalty area). Balls in fescue/brush? Can you trim it down? Nothing worse than "ball should be here" and it's sitting 1" down in heather/clover completely covered in greenery. Got water? Trim the fescue/grass short to the edge, make it clear the ball made it to the water. Nothing takes more time than "I could be here, and not in the water" as they search up and down 50yds swinging clubs back and forth in the crap "you playin' a XYZ???" Help them find the ball and play it and that's all on the course.
  15. Imp


    We have had a FB page for our pups for years. https://www.facebook.com/samroninand Sam passed 4-5months ago. Ronin is the tan (Rescue mix). We have had Max (The white one) for about a month.... if you want to watch the shenanigans from afar...
  16. Fun time. Courses were in great condition. Played Ridge/Lake. Was finding fairways (12/14), but the wind was howling and had a hard time finding GIRs (6/18). Played with two guys that play there quite a bit, and they gave me good info on each hole. Like on #5 on Ridge, wonky hole. And green shapes/landing zones (not that I could hit them to save someones life). Greens were rolling perfectly. Small issue with the pro shop... as a single, I booked a round just after 2... paid, and found out after they could fit me in earlier if I wanted, said sure, and met who I was play with at the carts. About to start, head to the 1st tee, and starter says "hey, they need to see you in the pro shop, because you're going out 1/2 hour earlier before the twilight rates, you have to pay the difference." Didn't realize I had a twilight rate initially but OK? They said "since I was going out earlier, I had to pay the higher rate." I argued (nicely of course), "YOU'RE the ones that decided to move me, why should I pay, that's a bit absurd." Anyways, that's what you get with muni courses, poor customer service and confusion. I won't hold it against them... much. Course was nice.
  17. Holy hell. Heading down next week for a few weeks of R&R, and just started looking at tee times. Prices went up about 15-25% across the board over last year. Sheesh.
  18. Imp


    Go ahead, mention cats... I mean, there's no cat thread, right?
  19. Let's see how this goes...
  20. Because he has a routine and does the same routine for almost every putt?
  21. Because the only hats being worn are the branded RyderCup ones as part of the uniform. They only made baseball caps... So, he's hatless because they didn't make a skullcap in rydercup fashion, and cannot wear anything else otherwise it would not be part of the uniform. Not hard.
  22. I think there was a gentlemen's agreement (read it somewhere) where in the rubber would be given.
  23. Because a) sponsorships are not needed and b) no hat made like it for usa team. Would be hilarious if day 3, they all had USA hats like bryson wears. LOL
  24. It's just a great event, that carries over bragging rights.
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