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  1. I understand your predicament. As long as you use the same monitor for reviews, you should be fine since it will pick up spins the same way for YOU anyways. In terms of self-coaching I feel that the HMT is great piece of equipment. For working on your game. I don't see much of a benefit monitoring closely spins on particular shots since the golf balls differ to each other so unless you will use the same ball over and over again, it is a bit pointless IMHO. Having written all of this, I'd probably try to get second hand TM but that might be out of your budget.
  2. Double eagle ...and then also British Open , and I am not British (FYI)
  3. So I have read all of the 110 pages. "all credit to me" (Darth Monty") I am big fan of Nippon shafts, I have played/tried almost all (120S, 130S, 130X, 125X, 105X, SPBx, SPOx, various wedges). Although I am quite happy with the current set MP25 with 105X, I have decided to get another set and compare. I was very fortunate to acquire Cally Legacy Black 2011 (Stenson model), I believe those are higher launching irons than MP25, I was looking for something lower launching. To be honest I had never given a proper chance to 120S, it was just little too "weak" (I don't want to use the word soft),
  4. [quote name='markheardjr' timestamp='1418168071' post='10569183'] [quote name='KPH808' timestamp='1418147452' post='10567689'] One more question for Mark. How about comparing the 130x soft stepped vs 130s hard stepped? [/quote] I'll answer in two parts. First the 130S vs. 130S hard stepped 130S hard-stepped to me was close to the 130S straight in with just a hint of more tip stiffness and vibration. When I hit it well I definitely had lower spin and flatter launch/apex but I did notice the irons would release a bit more than I wanted, especially in the shorter irons. I have the 130S s
  5. He played with it during practice round on Tuesday, at least his tee shot on #18. Weekend? We'll see about that. [quote name='ahbot' timestamp='1399398402' post='9243309'] Looks great. Question is: "is Luke going to put it in play?" [/quote]
  6. [quote name='3step' timestamp='1379762195' post='7887989'] [quote name='Nessism' timestamp='1379679669' post='7882275'] No disrespect to Mr. Vokey or anyone wanting to experience a truly "pro level" wedge fitting from him, but I'd feel more agreeable with paying this sort of money if it were going to charity or something. That's a crazy amount of money for a set of wedges. [/quote] My opinion is the exact opposite. I think this rate is crazy low. To gain access to a craftsman who has ground the soles of clubs that have won major championships, and who has his name on clubs
  7. X for sure. I used to play Modus, I had S hardstepped. And I believe the correct shaft in Modus would have been X hardstepped or TX soft stepped. Since then I have played Project X Satins 6.0 and Shimada Tour X (SS 1). Modus is a great shaft but it is important to get the correct flex due to the extremely soft butt. However, I have never played anything lighter then 114 gms, so I cannot compare to 950 or 1050. That probably had also something to do with the fact that Stiff Modus was not ideal for me, I need something a bit heavier. Good luck.
  8. Mardan Mamat is another one, but not for US market, for Asian. I do not think that they pay him as much as we think since he signed (I think) about 5 years ago. To keep him would be very very pricey. [quote name='TheMoneyShot' timestamp='1340457114' post='5153842'] [quote name='hoganhawk' timestamp='1340428127' post='5153248'] Outside if Ryo, who else on your sports Yonex drivers? [/quote] Ryo is the only staffer listed on the U.S site, they probably cannot afford to pay anyone else with his hefty contract. [/quote]
  9. It is going to be interesting to watch, what Yonex's decision is at the end of the year when Ryo's contract is up. Not an easy call since keeping him is going to cost much much more than getting him to sign years back. I am bit surprised that he is playing CB irons and not MB, I have not noticed earlier.
  10. They also make 100SPF, I have seen it only i Asia though. [quote name='mrfullwm' timestamp='1336570693' post='4879104'] I had no idea they made SPF 70 sunscreen. Guess it makes sense considering how much those guys are in the sun. [/quote]
  11. [quote name='matthewsiv' timestamp='1332463901' post='4559756'] The Diplomat is OK but The Club At Emerald Hills is much better. [/quote] I agree with this, but Diplomat is nice golf course. And since you have a conference there, enjoy it. It is a nice course that is not long, but some of the holes are tricky. Especially if the wind is blowing. I think I had played the course at least 50 times since I used to live within 2 mile soy it. And there are some challenging holes in Florida winds. If you need any more details, let me know.
  12. [quote name='turner17' timestamp='1332379942' post='4553552'] [quote name='BUNKERRAKER' timestamp='1332373566' post='4552820'] Thats awesome! My course is a state park golf course that I volunteer at so every hole is lined with trees no houses or roads so I would have to put waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to many trees. I am still trying to figure out the whole printing layout any help would be great. [/quote] I can send you a publisher template that I created if you are using publisher The only problem with that is the fact I have made a couple so far and the layout changes depending on the nu
  13. [quote name='mich_ping' timestamp='1332251501' post='4542324'] [quote name='Rapture25' timestamp='1332245501' post='4541916'] [quote name='Sean2' timestamp='1332212489' post='4540677'] Those guys live right. [/quote] Without a doubt. My biggest regret in life was perusing football, wrestling and lacrosse in high school/college rather than golf. My first born, son or daughter, will be coming out of the womb with a putter. [/quote] Your poor wife....getting that putter into the womb will be a challenge...maybe wait until they get out. [/quote] I hope that they will ban a belly p
  14. [quote name='stiffdogg06' timestamp='1331721747' post='4504909'] I like! You should a DIY write-up with exactly what you did (if you have the time) [/quote] Yes, that would be great. I have tried immediately in between my conference calls, and it is quite frustrating. Great idea though. Any special paper to print it on?
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