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  1. I’ve found Karma golf grips to be the best value over the years. About $2 a grip for their standard tour velvet style. Going to try some of the cheap cord grips off Amazon for my next build.
  2. Same with me. They show up when my focus lapses and I dont hit shots with intent.
  3. Drive 4 Dough from Monte is awesome. All his vids. Clements got great youtube id bet his paid content is good as well.
  4. This week I paid $25 to send a set of irons from MI to TX in a square shaped Callaway iron box.
  5. > @Fireballer said: > Ive never been a big video guy, but I think Im gonna pull the trigger on one of Montes videos with the Memorial Day sale. For those that have both, do I go D4D, or efficient swing? Isnt D4D basically a full swing video? D4D talks some basic setup and grip fundamentals. Efficient Swing bypasses the basics and starts with the backswing. I think Monte commented that he was going to release a supplemantary video to Efficient Swing that covered setup but Im not 100% sure. Both are great. Call Your Shot gets slept on but its awesome as well.
  6. Saw Michael Martin this week and it was the best lesson I’ve had.
  7. $8 50 balls $14 100 balls $18 150 balls $25 all you can hit Euless, TX
  8. Nothing in the Kalamazoo, MI store. Cashier said someone came through the night before and spent $600 on Nike shoes.
  9. havent seen a kombi in a long time Just did some research. This one must have been cut down. It was 33" with a superstroke grip. It was so upright I wondered how anyone could get comfortable over it.
  10. Went to the Mishawaka, IN store yesterday. Ping Gorge 60 TS Odyssey works versa 1 wide Scotty Cameron Kombi Long SeeMore Si3 putter TaylorMade Indy Ghost Black LH Ping anser Driver R 10.5 All rang up $70. Was hoping for $20 like I saw other places so I left them.
  11. Would this product suit everyone or just people with a certain swing fault? This product is in stock here in the uk I'd imagine anyone could benefit. Pretty sure a couple tour pros have used it or something similar, Kaymer for sure.
  12. Currently doing surgery on mine after my puppy got to it. Sealed most of the hole from the outside but there's still a couple i cant find causing it to deflate. Time for some Fix a Flat! I was practicing with it a lot before last summer and never hit the ball better, great tool.
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