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  1. I love my TEE CB3 off of the tee. It hits bombs, but doesnt have the greatest feel to it. Might want to also look at the 910's, I loved the feel and sound of those.
  2. I picked up a set of G25's to replace my i5's and I am loving them. The bigger heads are a little easier to hit and I like the feel to them over my i5's. Also gained a little distance on them too so nothing to complain about.
  3. GolfWRX has the most knowledgeable members on the web with the answers to any golf related questions.
  4. The BB34 @ 33" [b]Weight:[/b] 353G [b]Material:[/b] Mild Carbon Steel [b]Finish:[/b] Peweter PVD [b]Grip:[/b] Blue Lamkin (Standard or Midsize) [b]Headcover:[/b] Standard BB Series Blue [b]Dexterity:[/b] Right Handed
  5. Type: KBS Wedge Flex: Stiff Grip: WHITE Shaft: WHITE PEARL Label: ARCTIC WHITE Ferrule: WHITE Head: BLACK Engraving:
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