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  1. I’m very interested in getting a good dynamic fitting for my wedges. I’ve heard great things about Sea Island GA for a great fitting. Does anyone else have any other recommendations?
  2. Could someone recommend 5 really good public courses within 2 hours of Atlanta GA? I will be there the first weekend in May and would like some really good courses to play. Thanks, David
  3. Thanks for the feedback. My ball strike location on the head is good. I did put tape on the head to see. Maybe I will tip shaft and see if that helps, I'm not that aggressive through the ball, I'm usually 115-117 driver clubbed speed. I don't load the shaft too excessive with my tempo. Thanks for the advice.
  4. I have them set up front and have the adapter set to 9 degree but the initial launch is sky high. My Callaway Rogue Sub Zero is 9 degree and I have to add 1 degree of loft on that driver to get a good height. (Speeder 757 Evolution in my Sub Zero). I thought if my Atmos Black or GD AD TP would lower my launch and ball flight, (over my Black Tie) then I would get the adapters changed and give it a shot. Thanks
  5. I recently purchased the new Taylor Made M3 driver with 10.5 degrees of loft. I currently have a Black Tie M3 X-flex shaft in this driver and I am really ballooning and hitting this driver too high. I have 2 other shaft choices I can drop into this driver, but need some expert opinions on which one. I have a Fujikura Atmos Black 7X and a Graphite Design Tour AD TP 7X shaft I could use. (Only issue is I have to remove the Callaway adapters and install a Taylor Made adapter. Which one of these shafts will help me achieve the lowest launch? Or is my Black Tie M3 lower than the Graphite Design and or Atmos Black? Thanks, David
  6. Worst training aid product I have ever purchased. This device is too weak and needs to be much stronger. This will not keep your wrist from breaking down! Don't wast your money. The best I have ever used is the Wrist Firm. This product is no longer available anywhere. I loned mine out to a friend and that friend was killed in a accident and I never got it back. I have used many devices and this one should not be one that you waste your money on.
  7. [quote name='BRR3' timestamp='1376195803' post='7651718'] [quote name='Endub' timestamp='1376140493' post='7646978'] I guarantee its the spin rate. This club does indeed have a very low spin rate, and nearly everyone Ive tried to fit for it has had the same issue. Dont be afraid to jack the loft up on this one....and if you are already a low spin player, theres a good chance it wont work very well for you. Unlike many other drivers on the market, lightweight shaft options work very well with this head(for higher SS and spin players). IF, and I do mean IF, you can get the launch angle up to 15-16 on this thing, it will reward you with plenty of carry and roll. cheers and hope you get it worked out [/quote] I visited the TM performance lab yesterday and They suggested what you want to achieve is 1700 spin rate with 17 degree launch. [/quote]What setup did the TM performance lab fit for you? What shaft, loft,? What is your swing speed?
  8. Does anyone have any experience with this setup? I Currently have the original White Board 73X and wanted to know what difference I would see with the GD Tour AD DI 7X. Is this shaft really worth the $380 price tag?? I play at a +2 index and don't tinker a lot with my equipment. Would like to know what my shot dispersion and ball flight would be different with this setup. Thanks
  9. What are the best fairway woods out now? Accuracy and long? Haven't tried any of the new ones and would like to get some good ideas especially for better players. Thanks
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