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  1. This is not another “hey what courses in Orlando should we play”. We have that narrowed down (traveling from Iowa). I guess I was wondering if anyone found any methods to get better deals on some of these courses like Waldorf or Ritz, Championsgate CC, etc. Maybe this belongs in the Deals thread, but since I am traveling I thought I would start here.
  2. Dat_Dude

    Pxg gen 2

    I agree with this. I had the Spider DJ version and the Operator Gen 2 is definitely softer than the TM.
  3. Thanks man. I agree. Once Titleist released the 100S model I knew this combo would be pretty darn good. Only selling because I went PXG. Ugh. Haha
  4. For sale. No trades. Mixed set of Titleist T200 and T100S Combo! All have Modus Tour 105 Stiff, all gripped with MC+ Align, and all +1/2”. 5-7 - T200 - 3 Degrees Up. 7 Iron 1 degree weak loft to blend set better 8-GW - T100S - 3 Degrees Up. Stock Loft Used this season, cared for well and minimal bag chatter. $800 Shipped CONUS
  5. Dat_Dude

    Pxg gen 2

    I just changed my order. I originally ordered the Gunboat but remembered I had a Ping Ketsch (spelling?) which is similar shape and I sucked with it. I had success with the Spider but didn’t have enough toe hang so ordered the Operator with Plumbers neck. Can’t wait to see how this thing feels at 450g. Haha!
  6. I ordered the following all Gen3: 5 - 0311 XP - 1 degree weak 6-9 - 0311 P - Std P-G - 0311 T - 1 strong
  7. Dat_Dude

    Pxg gen 2

    I wish I lived close to a fitting somewhere, but I am considering going with Gunboat. I have a slight arc stroke so per what I read the plumbers neck may be best? I cannot pass up on this deal!
  8. I certainly appreciate your response. Thank you for that. What Phil is referring to is you are having technical issues and it posted the same post 4 times. Lol.
  9. Would love to hear someone compare these next to the T-100 or T-100S. Maybe they aren’t apples to apples due to the hollow body of the TM, but was wondering more feel-wise what feels better.
  10. Up for sale. No Swaps Titleist T-100 Partial Set (4 irons). All with Nippon Modus 105 Stiff and Golf Pride MCC Align. Brand New in Plastic. Bought them as a mixed set and went a different direction. Here is the configuration. You can either get them as is (lie and loft) or I can have them bent. • 8 Iron. 2 Degrees Strong, 3 Degrees Upright. 1/2" long • 9-GW. 1 Degree Strong, 3 Degrees Upright. 1/2" long $400 Shipped. Scotty Cameron Phantom x5.5, 35". Stock lie, loft, weight. Headcover included. Used maybe 10 rounds and looks brand new. $old Shipped Cobra F9 Tour 3Wood. Stock everything. MC
  11. Thank you sir. One more question, just so I don't break any rules. Are small bluetooth speakers allowed? I purchased it specifically for golf and it fits in the cup holder (JBL Flip 4).
  12. Hello, I had an ad out there for a while for T-100 and a Scotty putter. I want to add a Fairway wood to the listing and also pin it for a week. Can I just close the old one, create a new one, and provide you the link to pin it? Or should I add to my old listing and then use that one? Thanks!
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