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  1. Thanks man. I agree. Once Titleist released the 100S model I knew this combo would be pretty darn good. Only selling because I went PXG. Ugh. Haha
  2. For sale. No trades. Mixed set of Titleist T200 and T100S Combo! All have Modus Tour 105 Stiff, all gripped with MC+ Align, and all +1/2”. 5-7 - T200 - 3 Degrees Up. 7 Iron 1 degree weak loft to blend set better 8-GW - T100S - 3 Degrees Up. Stock Loft Used this season, cared for well and minimal bag chatter. $800 Shipped CONUS
  3. Dat_Dude

    Pxg gen 2

    I just changed my order. I originally ordered the Gunboat but remembered I had a Ping Ketsch (spelling?) which is similar shape and I sucked with it. I had success with the Spider but didn’t have enough toe hang so ordered the Operator with Plumbers neck. Can’t wait to see how this thing feels at 450g. Haha!
  4. I ordered the following all Gen3: 5 - 0311 XP - 1 degree weak 6-9 - 0311 P - Std P-G - 0311 T - 1 strong
  5. Dat_Dude

    Pxg gen 2

    I wish I lived close to a fitting somewhere, but I am considering going with Gunboat. I have a slight arc stroke so per what I read the plumbers neck may be best? I cannot pass up on this deal!
  6. I certainly appreciate your response. Thank you for that. What Phil is referring to is you are having technical issues and it posted the same post 4 times. Lol.
  7. Would love to hear someone compare these next to the T-100 or T-100S. Maybe they aren’t apples to apples due to the hollow body of the TM, but was wondering more feel-wise what feels better.
  8. Up for sale. No Swaps Titleist T-100 Partial Set (4 irons). All with Nippon Modus 105 Stiff and Golf Pride MCC Align. Brand New in Plastic. Bought them as a mixed set and went a different direction. Here is the configuration. You can either get them as is (lie and loft) or I can have them bent. • 8 Iron. 2 Degrees Strong, 3 Degrees Upright. 1/2" long • 9-GW. 1 Degree Strong, 3 Degrees Upright. 1/2" long $400 Shipped. Scotty Cameron Phantom x5.5, 35". Stock lie, loft, weight. Headcover included. Used maybe 10 rounds and looks brand new. $old Shipped Cobra F9 Tour 3Wood. Stock everything. MC
  9. Thank you sir. One more question, just so I don't break any rules. Are small bluetooth speakers allowed? I purchased it specifically for golf and it fits in the cup holder (JBL Flip 4).
  10. Hello, I had an ad out there for a while for T-100 and a Scotty putter. I want to add a Fairway wood to the listing and also pin it for a week. Can I just close the old one, create a new one, and provide you the link to pin it? Or should I add to my old listing and then use that one? Thanks!
  11. How is the heel on the Zoom Infinity Tour? I loved the Victory Tour but the shoe tore my heel up. I wonder with the high heel on these if it would be even worse.
  12. Major price drops. You cannot find those T-100 for this cheap!
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