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  1. On a new driver shaft all the shaft manufacturers don't recommend "tipping" a driver shaft. Yet many do tip them. Is there something to be gained by doing this? Do you tip yours? Do you have to be good for it to help? Just trying to further my understanding of all this stuff. Thanks.
  2. The only marking on the one I just bought was a S sticker where the grip will go.
  3. Just got one from Diamond Tour Golf. They said it was not counterfeit. I am very pleased with it. I had a Aldila Tour Green in my Cobra F8+ and this is 10 yards longer consistently. These used to be $400. For $50 it's worth a try.
  4. Since the pros need to play what works best I would look at what shafts they are using and follow suit.
  5. This looks much better to me then the 917. I'm wishing they stayed at 45" though.
  6. I had the opportunity yesterday of playing with a group of TM M2 fans so I got to hit this year's M2 and last year's M2 and my King LTD can outdo both of them and feel better doing it.
  7. Best "cheap" ball I've found is the Srixon Distance. Shop around.
  8. I've ;hit all these and agree. When I have had a good swing the Z-Star XV is hard to beat for distance. I did a test comparing the standard Q-Star and Z-Star. Not even close. The Z-Star is much better. Recently I found and used a new ProV1. I'm going back to that. Best ball on the planet.
  9. I've been playing Srixon Z-Star and thought they were the best. I found a brand new ProV1 on the course so played that. Longer drives, better irons and great putting. It's the best ball no doubt.
  10. Never thought there were any Titleist driver lovers in this forum until now LOL.
  11. I've read somewhere that the milled face on the new Cobra chews up balls. Can anyone comment?
  12. I've hit about everything out there. This is the best driver I've ever found. I'm an average Joe golfer (low 40's) and it keeps me in the fairway, longer then others I've hit.
  13. Okay. It appears you people have put other shafts in this club and know something about them. I'm knocking around getting a Graphite Design AD MT-6 SR (stiff regular) or DI 6 SR shaft for it. Would these be better then the stock Aldila Rogue shaft in it now (stiff flex). I have around a 100 mph SS. I'm hitting the stock shaft well I just need something to play with.
  14. I did a study (for myself) between .58 and .60 core sizes and blowing on with air and no tape and using tape and solvent. You won't know the difference they are all so close. I measured them 5" from the end and used a digital caliper. And Lamkin (Z5 Tour Taper) and GolfPride (MCC+4) make grips that have less taper (same as wrapping more tape).
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