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  1. Thanks for the responses. Clubs were reassembled at D0. I was limited to adding 10 grams in the lightest club, then made the others match. Lucky for me, leisurely swing with a slight pause at the top works great! Harmony (in the form of height and distance) in the universe has been restored. Thanks again.
  2. I need help. I'm fairly new to clubmaking, but I've reshafted a couple sets of irons without damage or loss of limb. Age has caught up with me, and the Mizuno shaft selector recommended the Nippon NS Pro 950 Ultralight shafts in sitff. Got them. Took the DGS300 shafts out of my Mizuno MP-37s, and started to put the new shafts in. So...here's the question...does it make sense that I need to put more weight in the tip end of the shafts than what was in the old shafts? I'm no genius, but I thought that the lightweight shafts would require less tip weight to get the same swingweight. What am I missing? Thanks for any help offered. Dan
  3. I need a new 4 wood, and I've been looking at the TEE CB3. At 62 years old, I'm moving to regular shafts. I don't understand why they make a regular flex, 80 gram shaft. The 80 gram shaft is supposedly for stronger swings, but the regular shaft is for slower swings. So it's for someone with a strong, slow swing? Any insight/advice would be appreciated. I love the head, but I'm concerned about the shaft. Dan
  4. Thanks to everyone for their interest and help. I'll try to have a moderator close the thread. Thanks again...
  5. ????? There isn't anything next to ADD REPLY and START NEW TOPIC???
  6. Clubs arrived today. Again; sorry about your mom & friend. Good luck with your other sales...
  7. Clubs arrived today. Yes, life happens. My concern was my PMs were being read, but not responded to. When other equipment started to appear, I did get concerned. OK now. How do I close this thread?
  8. Sorry to hear about your mom and friend. But you were reading my emails, and you did have time to list more equipment for sale. What was I to think? I'll let you know when the clubs arrive.
  9. Made payment, no shipmentOn August 1 I purchased a set of Srixon Pro-100 irons through an ad on GolfWRX. I made payment, and was assured the clubs would ship the next day. On the third of August I emailed, asking for an update. I was told that the clubs were boxed up and would ship the next day, with a promise of getting tracking info. Since then, I have gotten no response to my emails. When I contacted GolfWRX, a moderator told me to post it here. I'm not sure how this whole process works. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Hey Big Ernie: What's up? I still haven't received my Srixon irons. And you don't respond to my emails. Be nice to hear from you...
  11. Great chart. Great info. Thanks to everyone for sharing. Now the tough part. Where do the missing Dynamic Gold shafts fit in? Where are the R400 and the S200, for example?
  12. Congrats to TT! Thanks to TT and GolfWRX for the giveaway. Stiff would be great.
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