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  1. Thank you for bringing this up, I admittedly left out some important information regarding the MP-20's and the wedges. I will update the post accordingly The MP-20s are +1 inch long and lie is 0.5 flat from standard and the wedges are +1 inch long and 1 flat
  2. Hi - a few folks have reached out saying they are having issues with the photos. I have re-updated with embedded photos which I hope work for you all. Please feel free to DM me with questions
  3. Hi - have a few great items for sale. I bought all of these clubs new in May 2020 and have used them for four months. Please feel free to reach out via direct message if you have any questions. Shipping is not included in the price, happy to discuss shipping in more detail with serious buyers. Payment will be via PayPal, quick shipping to anywhere in U.S. Thanks! ALL GRIPS ARE GOLF PRIDE TOUR WRAP - WHITE Taylormade SIM Driver 460cc 8.0 Degrees - $650 OBO Shaft: Fujikara Atmos Tour Spec 8TX (BLACK) Condition: Very good condition, light wear marks on the front fa
  4. $600 + SHIPPING Cobra F7 One Length Irons STIFF - (GW-3i) GREAT CONDITION GREAT, MINT CONDITION - Very light wear marks on the soles and ball marks on the faces TOP OF THE LINE SHAFTS - Professional KBS Tour by FST Steel Stiff shafts FRESH, ORIGINAL GRIPS - Comes with original COBRA R.E.L Standard Lamkin grips **Includes 9 clubs - Gap Wedge through 3 Iron (GW, PW, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3)** QUICK SHIPPING! SHIPS TO ALL 50 STATES VIA USPS PRIORITY MAIL
  5. Hey there, sorry for the confusion. I updated the pricing in the wedge section to help clarify what I'm asking. Thank you for your input!
  6. Hello fellow WRX'ers, Titleist 915 D2 with Diamana Blue 60g Regular Flex and Tour Velvet Grips I used this club for this past summer season (3 months). It has normal wear on the face and bottom, but please note there are scratches on the top of the face near the triangle. Good condition. I'm looking for $140 + shipping Titleist 915H 21 degree with Diamana Blue 80g Regular Flex and Tour Velvet Grips I used this club for this past summer season (3 months). It has normal wear on the face and bottom. Good condition. I'm looking for $85 + shipping Titleist T-MP 716 4 Iron with XP R300 sha
  7. [quote name='lilmike24' timestamp='1375634369' post='7601872'] "I don't like being called big Mike." lol [/quote] haha very nice. As for the sale, I am putting up on ebay in 2 days. Please take it off my hands!
  8. Hello, I am here selling a Nike Method MC 3i 35" putter. It has been used for only one season and is in great condition. It has a 2 week old black tiger shark grip installed. Comes with head cover also. I just want to get rid of the thing because I absolutely hate the look. For some reason it doesn't fit my eye anymore. I am looking for $75 +ship OBO. I will trade for a Taylormade Spider if possible. If you are interested please message me.
  9. Hello fellow WRX'ers, I have for you today 2 clubs that I need to move on. If possible for these two items, I would love to trade one for a mint condition RBZ 9.5 driver with a stiff shaft. If you are interested in purchasing these items, please PM me. All payments are through PayPal which I will give you when you PM me. First off, I have a PING Scottsdale Pickmeup B Belly Putter 45". It was used for one season and is in mint condition. I am looking to sell for about $100 (or best offer) +shipping. This club is like new! Second I have a brand new Nike Machspeed 4 wood 17*. It has a
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