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  1. Holy lead tape Batman!
  2. You could reshaft the TMB with a lighter weight graphite to see if it makes a difference in ball flight for you. If not then Srixon driving irons are pretty forgiving and easy to elevate off the deck so that would be my recommendation if you prefer a DI in that spot (I play a Srixon U45 20* with Diamana D+ 90x). Of course I mainly use mine for tee shots. While the Srixon DI is easy to elevate off the deck, if you're mainly concerned with holding greens then the hybrid is a much better option since it will be easier to elevate, have an overall higher ball flight, and have a steeper
  3. Nice bag man. Are you planning on keeping it at 12 sticks or will you add more as the season moves on? Weird not seeing the forged Mizunos in your bag :)
  4. Love that Walrus Jr. is rocking the Adams hybrids and the old school Callie 4 wood. Also one of the few Srixon staffers rocking an actual Srixon driver. Nice!
  5. @"Continental Golf" thanks for the heads-up on the discount! Is that per order or per head?
  6. Great clubs and awesome photos. Those MP-59s are in great shape. Not sure if you use iron covers on them but if you do, I approve :D
  7. Man, awesome bag! I'm loving the choices from top to bottom. If the Adams DHY experiment doesn't work out, I've heard that the MP-18 MMC Fli Hi is solid and forgiving as well.
  8. Nice bag man. P790s are a nice upgrade from the RBladez. As for a headcover for the Spider, try Rose & Fire and/or Seamus.
  9. Those MBs are in great shape. Hardly any visible bag chatter dings whatsoever!
  10. Welcome! Nice use of bokeh in the photos. It's always nice when the intended subjects in the photo are appropriately in focus :) Nice clubs all around too. The 2* gaps between wedges are unusual as KC13 pointed out, but if they fit your game, then keep at it. Hopefully you don't get too influenced by this forum and end up frequently switching clubs for no good reason like the rest of us :D
  11. Not a crazy setup at all especially if the Crossover is easier to hit than the 4i, gaps well, and adds versatility. Conversely there's nothing wrong with having two hybrids in the bag dude. Check out what Webb Simpson and Charley Hoffman are playing.
  12. Welcome! Nice bag man. I dig the headcovers.
  13. Kinda in the same boat here. I actually have a shaft puller but would prefer not to pull the stock Rogue Black shaft that came with it. Too bad the adapter for these Cobra utilities aren't as widely available (or as cheap) as TM wood adapters like you mentioned. Getting a new adaptear at $30 a pop direct from Cobra looks to be the only other option if you don't want to pull the shaft you've already got I'm afraid.
  14. > @pearsonified said: > Thanks for the IG link...now what am I supposed to be looking for there? Making sure the alignment rod is pointing toward the ground immediately in front of the body during the backswing? > > Dan (understandably) doesn't provide an explanation to go with the video, and I've proven to be adept at extracting the wrong information from things like this. Yeah, essentially the idea is to keep the rod in contact with your front hip as you move the club back during the takeaway. This helps with keeping the clubhead outside of your hands and preventing it fro
  15. Not crazy at all if each club serves a specific purpose. @"Dan Drake" would approve :)
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