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  1. I love golf. But I always wonder about people who post their stuff for sale in the classifieds with "only played for one round." I mean how can you buy a brand new iron set and be ready to discard them after one round? I show more compassion to a spider I find in the house. I'm actually kinda serious. How can you people hit a driver 3 times and decide it's not for you?
  2. As the only person on this thread that has actually made the switch to left handed, I am the ultimate authority who should guide you during this daunting process. Chipping and putting left handed will be easy for you. If you can not right now take a comfortable FULL SWING left handed do not make the switch.
  3. First off, I'm here for you. People don't understand the anguish that comes from standing over a ball right handed and it "just doesn't feel right." BUT THEN you stand over a ball left handed and it just feels so right. Like you don't have to think about anything, you can just grab a wedge and hit an amazing, crisp little chip shot. You think, hey I'm a decent golfer right handed but maybe my parents ruined my PGA career by buying me right handed clubs as a kid instead of left handed clubs. So you then start to carry a left handed wedge in your bag, and then a left handed putter. And then
  4. Long time member first time seller. I bought this a couple months ago and it just didn't replace my scotty. Great condition, always covered. The only flaw I could find was a small nick in the leather of the head cover. 35" standard off the rack. PM if you have any questions, want more pictures, or if you have any advice on selling (or how to convince your wife to let you buy new P770's). $250
  5. worst = any nike driver ever made
  6. monte is great, makes me want to go get in person lessons
  7. I love seeing pros get in the rough and have to punch out. makes me happy
  8. I could break 85 easily at Augusta. if anyone doubts me I dare you to take me there and test me
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