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  1. I ordered mine 3/18...green dot with DG 105's..still waiting...
  2. The search function is a bit cumbersome, but I am getting used to it.
  3. If anything, perhaps a 185-190 club to fill in that gap in your bag. My yardages are very similar to yours, but I figured out that I was getting too cute with the lob wedge and it would get me into trouble more frequently than my 56* wedge, so the bottom of my bag is PW/50/56. If I need the extra loft, I just open the 56 a touch. Plus that configuration gave me the option of adding another Hybrid which is my 185-190 club and doubles as my 'old man wedge' from just off the green
  4. Kinda looks like the Optic golf putters, but a lot uglier. To my eye, it looks awful small....but then again, I use a Cure RX2, which is like putting with a hockey stick
  5. Really enjoying reading your blog..makes me think I need another trip to Bandon next year! That is a LOT of golf you are playing, tho!...last time I went, I played 18 a day, and then cooled down with a couple hours at Shorty's, the par 3 course near the range, before dinner. Pacific is such a gorgeous course! have fun the next few days!
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