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  1. Played 1st 9 hole and I like them for most part. Shot 41 which isn’t great. Had 1 birdie but missed 3 birdie putts that were all makeable (all less than 5-7ft). Had 4 iron shots that were not good. Other half were excellent however. Some of this is due to the course. It is an extremely hilly course and lie is usually a above or below your feet. I had only hit irons twice on mats since I received them. Hit a partial GW 100 yards and pushed it. Hit right fringe and rolled back down off green. 8 iron ball 1ft above feet in mound. Aimed too far right and missed green pin high. Full PW from
  2. Finally received my set 4-GW. + 1/2” , standard lie, +2 wraps. Elevate 95r shafts. Hit range twice and playing 9 tomorrow in league. So far, these have a ton of potential. They are towering and easy to hit. Not sure on carry distances, think they are going to be 165 carry 7 iron. Dispersion front to back seems pretty tight but haven’t hit off grass yet. Def have more height but can easily hit left/right/high/low. Irons appear to have more than enough spin. Impressed with workability, ball speed and height. Looking forward playing these. 1st go into regular flex in irons. Have nice lon
  3. Still not in. Missed them for golf League tonight. Hope they get here in next two days. Leaving for vacation on Saturday.
  4. Ordered 3 weeks ago today, really hope I get them before next Wednesday league night! Jealous some of you mentioned you go them in 21-24 days lol. So anxious.
  5. Get him fit for some new PINGs. If you decide the cost is too much you can get him into very similar specs in a nice used set of PINGs. They also last forever as you know.
  6. It’s not unique. Had same thing happen with a Callaway Steelhead XR 8 iron. It was 4 degree upright, should have been 2. Hit it about 10-15 yards left on every shot. Fitter thought I was crazy I’m when I came in saying 8 Iron was not to spec. He checked loft and lie and was like wow
  7. Man I am a believer now! Regripped 7w regular flex is MONEY! Straight with a beautiful ball flight. Used it off 3 tees and 1 fairway. Will now be looking for the matching 3 and 5 as I hit this beautifully
  8. I’ve hit it 329 yards with regular flex. Courtesy of a hill. Most are 283-287 yards on gps. I’m 564’ over sea level here in Ohio. Regardless, flex is meaningless. Weight, bend profile and kick point are what matter. Flex has very little affect on performance on a robot. Flex can change your feel which can affect how you swing the club though
  9. G400 finish was terrible. Looked bad after a few rounds. Also have more offset than G410’s
  10. Z785 are very soft and pack a ton of ball speed. Don’t sleep on them. I should have kept mine
  11. I love the grinds, perfect for me. I would get new Bridgestone's if they offered same grind. Maybe they can be refinished?
  12. Ping I E1 were/are great irons! No shame there. Had a set of them with XP 95 r300 and really liked them. Should have held onto them lol
  13. To get to D3 from C9 you need 8 grams of weight added to head.
  14. Got my new to me 7 wood regripped. Stock regular flex graphite w/ Lamkin UTX standard +2 wrap. Man this club is easy to hit and has tremendous height! Have been trying to find a 3, 4 and 5 with regular flex graphite. Can't find them locally lol. Probably will just reshaft my 2017 M2 5 wood and M2 3 wood to regular flex and call it a day. Great club and excited to play it tomorrow.
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