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  1. Define satisfaction. Is it playing better or having a cooler/newer bag. That’s for each person to decide. Marketing says newer is better, MORE DISTANCE, MORE ACCURACY, BETTER club. Hahaha only to be sold a bill of goods no better than any other club. It’s Indian not the arrow.
  2. Truth! That’s why on Rick Shields that pro shot even par with a 5 club box set
  3. 15 Hdc would play better with $500 box set and $2500 in lessons than $3000 bag and none
  4. Sound like me. Love my T100’s
  5. About everything is a massive shovel with tons of offset. This is why I am playing T100’s. Don’t need or want less spin. I hit the ball left all too often so don’t need help there either. Rather hit it short than flyers.
  6. Yes and No. Every company makes outstanding equipment but not every model is going to be a fit for you. Head design, loft, shaft weight/flex are all still very important. 9 degree PING G425 LST isn’t gonna for you if you need 12* higher spin head.
  7. 6. Just picked up a Cobra Radspeed 3 wood. Motore X F3 6s. Haven’t played it yet. Should be interesting. Really have struggled with longer clubs.
  8. SM8 with right bounce are really hard to beat. Loving 54D. So happy they have this grind now and 58m
  9. Everything is delayed. Hardly any clubs locally on the racks.
  10. Reahaft wkth shim. V-Steel are great
  11. Check lofts/lie and go from there. Forged clubs weaken over time. Especially off mats.
  12. No, but justify the cost however you like lol
  13. Hahaha i210 don’t feel as good as T100.
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