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  1. I did same as above with the 85 series. Went 4/5 585, 6-pw 785 and just had the lofts tweaked to get proper gapping. I think I maybe weakened the lofts on the 585’s a degree. The 585 are sooooo easy to hit it’s almost cheating but honestly you aren’t losing much forgiveness in the 7’s regardless where you split them.
  2. drvrwdge

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Just called him actually, thanks. What a good dude and how awesome is it to call the CEO directly of a club company you’re looking to purchase from.
  3. Man I had the Aussie blades with some sort of red graphite shaft back in the mid/late 90’s. What a great set. Those and the Ram Lazer FX’s. Such fond memories ha
  4. drvrwdge

    Sub 70 Clubs

    I haven’t read through this entire thread but are the Sub70 guys active on here? Have some questions I’d like to ask.
  5. Plus buying new most manufacturers are on 4-8 week delays. So in turn more people buying used and as said above supply and demand.
  6. So I think there are other threads on this but being the club ho I am I was perusing eBay yesterday whilst taking a break from work and stumbled across a set of Hogan FTX in my exact specs. Project X Satin 6.5’s and .75” over standard length. I made a half whited low ball offer and the guy accepted. So fast forward the irons came today and they are absolutely beautiful! So being it’s the “off season” and I was waiting on the new Ping irons to be released I think I’m going to play the Hogans in my winter events. Anyone else gaming old irons on purpose? In this category I really don’t feel like
  7. I thought Callaway already had a vested interest in TopGolf? Aren’t all the house clubs Callaway? I could be mistaken.
  8. Mizuno JPX 919 Tour 3-PW PROJECT X LZ 6.5. Irons are in very very good shape. They are .75” over standard length (38.75” 5i) and 2* Upright lie angle. Factory ordered specs and recently professionally verified. Standard loft. Also Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord grips ($11 each) logo down with one extra wrap full length and an extra wrap on the lower hand. Small pinhead size nick on bottom of 7i as pictured. Bought them here but sticking with my iBlades. SOLD
  9. I would agree the SIM is probably longer but less spin would actually make it less workable. Curvature is the result of spin.
  10. G410’s. I could have kept the 400 driver but the 3w was quite possibly the worst club I’ve ever hit. 410 is leaps and bounds better.
  11. I love it, hands down the best shaft I have hit. I'll admit I have always been a bit partial to Fujikura stuff but this shaft is the real deal. Not as linear as the Atmos Black, i think the butt is a little softer so there's a tad more feel. I like the Hulk it was just a little "crisp" for my liking and the Tensei PO probably felt the best but I had a tendency to get quick with it. It's similar to a "white" diamana but I think maybe a hair stiffer in the butt. I really do think there is something to the Velocore, I have hit plenty of drives where I know by the swing and impact it should be a d
  12. There is a new ball coming out. My teacher is on staff and from what he’s told me the new ball is supposed to be phenomenal. I believe maybe a dimple update is one of the new characteristics, I think he said something about the number of dimples and he mentioned something about the ball, specifically the TP5 being able to retain speed and spin? Not sure exactly how honestly but I’m going off recall of his 2nd hand account. Take from it what you will.
  13. Thinking of throwing graphite in my iBlades over the winter as an experiment but I don’t know if I have anyone local I really trust to do it. I know there are some guys on here, Will People’s, Brian Golf etc that do custom builds. Anyone have experience with them or other builders through here they would trust to do the work?
  14. Ive played both the Atmos Blue and the Motore Speede 7.3 TS ( the blue one) in fairways and even though I haven't hit the Ventus Blue yet both the Atmos and Speeder felt more "linear" to me if that makes sense, compared to the Ventus Black. No real flex point at any point on either of the shafts where as I feel the Ventus has a little more give in the mid section if that makes sense. It's not much but its there to me.
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