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  1. Ping i500 iron set. 5-UW. Set plays off of a 38.5” 5i so .5” over Ping standard. Red dot, KBS Tour S flex shafts. New NDMC midsize grips. Irons are in very good shape as picture. $750 OBO shipped. Custom Ping TR 1966 Anser 2. 35” red dot black out Pingman pistol grip. Custom Ping installed Stealth shaft. Pingman Multicolor head cover. $200 shipped. LAB Directed Force 2.1. Good condition. 35” 69 lie angle. One noticeable mark as pictured which can’t been seen at address. Press 2.0 grip. $265OBO Shipped.
  2. Zx7’s are Endo forged. In my opinion this isn’t really a apples to apples comparison. I think the zx7’s would compare more to the iBlade. i210 soles are much wider with more bounce so that is going to be a big consideration. i210’s should be a tad more forgiving but the zx7’s should be plenty forgiving for if you if this is the category of irons you’re looking at. I think the zx7 looks much better in the long irons. Less offset and with the i210 4/5 you can almost see a little bit of the cavity. 7-pw there’s not much difference. I almost think the i210 sits in between the zx5 and zx7
  3. I ordered my combo set + 3/4" and they are bang on. Not sure how you are measuring but if you measure to the end of the butt cap it will be about 1/8"-1/4" longer. Always measure to the second white ring, thats where the end of the shaft sits. (on Golf Pride grips)
  4. This is literally in every market there is. Went sofa shopping at Macy’s today. “Stock” orders are taking 90 days anything custom is September at the earliest. Try putting together a set of Taylormades, think 03/29 was the earliest last time I checked. I ordered a TSi3 in December and it was back ordered till February because of the Titleist Tour Velvet Full Cord. Covid has caused massive supply chain issues in every facet of the manufacturing process. There’s even a shortage of driver to get product from port to factory. It’s crazy. just happy I got mine ordered
  5. Added new pics of iron faces, there is a little nick on the 9i top line that I missed and honestly didn't even notice.
  6. Couple things up for sale.. Srixon Z585 Z785 Combo Set Project X LZ 6.5. 4-6 585, 7-pw 785. Good condition with some use and bag chatter but no big knicks or dings. Grooves still plenty sharp with no browning. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Plus4 grips. .5” over standard length 38.5” 5i. SOLD Ping G410 3 Hybrid. Very good condition. Clean crown, face and sole. Not a whole lot of play. Standard length. Tensei Blue 80HY TX. $165 shipped.
  7. So right, the C Taper and Project X are very similar to me, just a feel difference. I’d say if you fit into those you’d do ok with the 130. Generally people that fit into those don’t like the x100.
  8. Modus 130 definitely feels stiffer than the other two because of the stiff butt and mid but I do t think it actually is. For me the x100’s have always spun a little much but I’m finding spin with irons is not a bad thing. The modus launches the highest with C Taper just below with both spinning about the same. Definitely noticeable less then the x100 for me. C Taper has a very linear feel, think Atmos Black in an iron. Obviously the x100 flexes a bit and you can feel it. I’m hoping the 125 will be the x100 with a hair less spin and better feel. the modus does launch high but I had no
  9. Ive done the same just waiting for them to arrive. I went with the "pre-packaged" combo set from Srixons site. zx5 4-6, zx7 7-pw. First of it was cheaper for some reason than piecing together separately the zx5 4/5 and then zx7 6-pw. Plus honestly the 6i is probably the least hit club in my bag so im not sure it will make a huge difference. I can always buy a zx7 6i if i hate it that much. Modus 125x on a whim, was initially dead set on the Tour V which I love the feel and performane of but I did find on partial shots the lighter weight caused a bunch of pulls. Something over time I could prob
  10. Yeah I see a lot of people making comparisons between the zx7 and stronger lofted more semi game improvement irons which to me the T100s are and the i210’s ride a fine line of between those and a players cavity. The zx7 is 100% a players cavity and I think should be compared to 921 Tour, P7MC, MP 20 MMC etc. I personally think the more apt comparison is between the zx5, i210 and T100s. But all of these including the zx7 are really starting to blur the line between the different categories of clubs.
  11. “ Takes Real Balls” that’s what she said.... lol. Sorry
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