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  1. Very very good shape Callaway Epic Speed 7w. MMT 80s. Have another one coming in X, bought this in haste not realizing it was a stiff. Stock head cover. $215 OBO shipped.
  2. I currently have a Speeder TR 661 TX. how would this compare and honestly what do I have?? Lol, profile wise how does the Speeder TR compare to the Ventus Black? @Fujikura Golf
  3. Correct. -2, Draw. Also, Google is your friend.
  4. Anyone had the chance to compare these 2? I currently have the TR661 TX but have had the TS 2.0 in my 3w before. Looking at poscibly the Pro 2.0 TS 6x tipped 1" for the driver. Or i should probably just go back to the Ventus.... lol
  5. TS2 is pretty hard to beat. If loft sleeve isn’t an absolute deal breaker I’d look at the Mavrik line as well. The SZ is a canon but I think all around the Max is more playable.
  6. Not looking to break the bank.
  7. So I’m just really really stuck at which way to go here. Recently switched to a 4w and now need to fill the gap between that and my 4i. My fear is the 7w will launch too high but lots of higher swing speed guys use them with great success. I haven’t gotten a long with most hybrids but I have read a lot of good reviews on the Mavrik Pro and how it is almost more fairway wood like in design. Wondering if anyone has experience with either?
  8. So to demonstrate what I’m working on.. (excuse any outfits). The video when I’m wearing the skullcap is prior to working on the move. The link is to the lesson with Monte. https://vimeo.com/user4724822/review/662381761/2e14a9c864 FullSizeRender.mov IMG_1322.MOV
  9. So correct. Trying to shallow the shaft early. I’m a good player but pull hard from the top and actually get what I guess would be lead wrist extension or cupping in transition which once or twice a round, with the driver, I can hit it 7 miles right. This obviously costs me 2-4 shots a round and turns 70’s into 74’s 76’s very quickly. Trying to get the center of mass or the shaft to lay down more in transition.
  10. I guess I could but then I would miss out on all the disapproving judgey comments like yours
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