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  1. Few things up for grabs.. SIM2 10.5, Ventus Black 6x. Traded a member on here for it. Built by Will Peoples. No tipping and 45.75” playing length. Brand new TV 360 grips. One little nick on back but honestly I don’t know how it even got there. Can’t seen from address obviously. HEAD SOLD. SHAFT SOLD Srixon Z785 4-PW. Dynamic Gold TI X100’s. +3/4” and standard loft/lie. Very good shape. Tour Velvet Cord +3 wraps. $650 shipped. If someone wants them but at standard length I can pull the grips, cut them down and reinstall or throw on some new Tour Velvets. Titleist
  2. The one at my course was a rep. Not sure if he was a regional rep or sub-rep of some sort though.
  3. drvrwdge

    Ping Harwood

    Just wondering if anyone else has had the chance to roll them and their thoughts? I currently have a custom Sigma 2 Stealth Tyne with the fixed length Stealth shaft and am very happy with it but I work at a big box golf store and was interested in the 2021 Ping lineup. I rolled everything and they all feel good but I can honestly say the Harwood is the best feeling most perfectly balanced putter I have ever rolled. Every putt was true, exactly on my start line. It was soft and pace was excellent. I must have hit 100 putts and none started off of my intended line. just curious if anyo
  4. 1. City and State? Va Beach, VA 2. Handicap? 1.3 3. What King 3D Printed model do you want to test? Supernova 4. Current putter? Custom Ping Signa 2Tyne 4 Stealth 5. What is the top thing you look for when buying a new putter? Feel, alignment 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  5. Mint Jones Trouper 2.0. Has been used maybe 1/2 dozen rounds but is in pristine shape. Never used in rain, no stains, rips etc. Has the “cocktail” embroidery on the front pricier which is a personal touch but unique and I think pretty cool. Bag color is sold out online and with shipping and tax would cost over $300 new. Will throw in the Devereux Masters towel as well. $200 plus actually shipping. Used Ping Dale Anser Stealth 35”. Super Stroke Traxion Pistol GT 1.0. Good shape with a little specks of paint loss on face and small petina type blemish on top line but no dings or nicks.
  6. I rolled it. Unfortunately for me the insert didn’t address the issue I thought it would which is the hollow, plasticky, toy like feeling of the micro hinge version. I guess what I really want is a White Hit OG 2 Ball Ten Tour Lined. That way it would be the solid, stainless steel body. But maybe it would be too heavy??
  7. So this may be anecdotal but I am a higher swing speed/spin player and when I say the elevate was a stock offering in a lot of sets a kind of boo hoo'd it. I work at a big box golf retailer PT and most my shift is spent hitting all sorts of heads and shafts. I will say that i was pleasantly suprised with the 115 Elevate even in S flex. Seems to hold up to my speed and transition and launch and spin was right where I would like it. With my swing changes over the years I have seemed to become a bit more shaft agnostic, being able to play stuff I never could in the past, but i thought the Elevate
  8. I was hoping they would have a tour lined option.
  9. Received a few at the shop today but can find them on either our website or Odyssey’s and haven’t seen any talk here about them. It’s what everyone has been clammering for but no chatter?!?! They’re pretty sweet but not sure they solved the plastic toy like feel issue I had with the original 2 Ball Ten.
  10. drvrwdge

    TM P7MC

    So i experienced the exact same thing in my testing. 7MC's felt amazing and I love the look but I was a full club shorter with them vs basically everything I hit. 921 Tours, zx7, T100, MP 20 MMC and so on. I believe their lofts are a degree weaker vs everything else as well but that should amount to 10yds. It did for me though. And all had x100's in them.
  11. This 100%. Same goes for tennis racquets and baseball bats. Japanese companies generally have tighter manufacturing processes and better QA.
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