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  1. I wasn’t going to list 20 models. I included a Write In. Let’s calm down
  2. Yeah the head weight of the OG stainless is what I’ve always had an issue with, is it 330 or lighter?
  3. Just curious as to what’s everyone’s opinion on the best Ping Anser 2 model of all time?
  4. 2 things tonight….. Ping iBlade 4-PW with Project X LZ 6.5 shafts. Irons are in very good shape with tons of life left. Yellow dot at 1.5 upright. Shafts are factory installed but extended 1/2” by yours truly with brand new Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips. SOLD Ping G410 3H. Tensei Pro Blue 80g HY TX flex. Very very good shape, no blemishes, knicks or chips on crown or tribulators. Face is pretty clean as well. New Tour Velvet 360 grip. $185 shipped. pin 9/15
  5. Anyone have experience with this version, the black and yellow one? How is the feel? How does it compare to say the O Works Microhinge version?
  6. I ended up going SB in all wedges. It’s something I wouldn’t not have noticed had I not done the fitting and hit them back to back but the M was very clunky and draggy through the turf where the SB in the MG3 just got in and out. Most noticeably on the 70yd shot.
  7. I was going to ask what color to wear for golf. I think generally the rose, brown and gold work best for counter. Sergio had the blue though. Wonder how those are? Obviously decent if he’s wearing them to play in.
  8. ok.... First off the subjectivity part. As I said earlier it just flat out looks better (amazing). I play iBlades which I always loved the look of, but as I told Greg after hitting the MG3 46* my set wedge looked like a shovel. The 46* MG3 is really really sexy. As far as distance, I may have been 2-3 yards shorter with the MG3 but it was more consistent. Keep in mind it has more of a "wedge" sole and it is milled, so consistency is spot on. I am a full wedge shot guy. I know most guys say they don't hit full shots with wedges, I do. My distances are PW 145, 50* 130, 54* 115, 58* 100. I can hit 3/4 and 1/2 shot, knock downs, open faced etc but I operate better at full speed. If I have those numbers, I'm generally pulling those clubs, depending on shot obviously (taking into consideration spin, pin placement etc). If I have 130 to a back pin I wont hit a full 50 because I know it will spin off my total number but 125ish to a middle pin I'm hitting the 50. No issues with forgives or confidence with the MG3 either. I almost think its like when people say they hit blades better because they're smaller, whether its mental or not there was a little bit of that to it. I felt like a had a tool in my hand that was more geared towards precision. So I will used it on full shots as well as 3/4 and knock downs if needed and pitches and chips where I have a little more green to work with. I think this is where it being a "wedge" and not an "iron" will be a huge benefit. Probably wont manipulate the face a bunch honestly. I do and will with my 54 and 58 but not the higher lofted wedges. I do think you could though if you wanted to much easier than you could your set wedge, again because of the sole design. Hope I addressed everything, let me know if not.
  9. So yes, to me definitely a noticeable different in spin around the greens. We hit shots from 70yds with a 58/60 the full shots. We then went to the short game area for chips and pitches. Honestly the spin, launch and carry numbers didn't different a huge amount from my current SM8 58M, Greg actually said my numbers were ideal and almost to the number the same as Colin's (humble brag). What I did find was that they were more consistent getting away from the M grind. Turf interaction was much cleaner, you could really feel the club enter and exit much quicker. And as I stated previously, the feel off of the face was much better. Softer and more solid. Where I really think the raw face technology and the raised ridges shined was chips and pitches. Was easily able to hit the 20yd one hop stop pitches with the MG3 where I wasnt able to with the SM8. Keep in mind some of that may be related to the bounce as well. Cleaner turf interaction = cleaner contact = more spin.
  10. I’m on the road enjoying a nine hour trip home but I will respond later tonight when I have a little bit of time to read your questions.
  11. So just to kind of reiterate what everybody else has already said, Greg was our fitter for the wedges. Greg chased the dream for seven or eight years and had his tour card at one point but his love and passion for club design ended up taking him down a different path. Greg has always been super passionate about the short game and wedges and played an intregal part in the design of the MG3 wedge. Greg gave a brief presentation in the morning about the design characteristics of the MG3 how it differed from the MG2 and why they did what they did design wise with the new wedge. In short the design is all about optimizing launch and spin conditions to make the wedges as accurate as possible. Movement of material and the shape to optimize feel and center of gravity location for the proper trajectory control. Center of gravity which is progressive through the set which is what a lot of people do placing it higher in higher lofted wedges to keep trajectory down and lower in the lower lifted wedges to keep it up. There is a new groove or face feature this year in addition to the raw face. They have actual raised ridges where with the MG2 used laser etching on the face which they realized wore off faster than they wanted it to. With the raised ridges that is not an issue. This was primarily done for additional spin in that less than 60 yard range as opposed to more spin on full shots. There was also some slight changes made to the sole and grinds in the different bounce options to optimize turf conditions as well. For me hands-down the club that absolutely stood out as head and shoulders above the rest and actually took me into a direction I never thought I would go was the 46° pitching wedge. I have never understood playing a non-set pitching wedge especially one that is not the same brand as your iron set but with the way Greg was able to explain the advantages of playing the non set wedge, he was able to change my mindset to looking at the wedges as a set of clubs as well as looking as the irons as a set of clubs but having those be able to be two different sets really convinced me to go this route. And trust me when I say it’s probably the best looking club I’ve ever seen. The lines, the shape, the size, the way the leading edge sits on the ground and the flow of the hosel into the top line it’s just absolutely perfect. And on top of all that it just flat out performs. I currently play SM8’s and Greg was able to get me into some different bounces than I normally have played which greatly improved my turf interaction on full and partial shots which in turn got me into my optimal launch and spin conditions. And they flat out just feel better than my Vokeys. I have never been able to do a wedge fitting on grass and I can honestly say if you are serious about your game there’s absolutely no other way to do it. For me that was the greatest thing about this trip, because I just don’t have anywhere near me that I could have done a wedge fitting on grass. And I had somebody with the knowledge to fit me properly.
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