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  1. Taylormade SIM2 driver head. 8 degrees in near mint condition. Played 2 rounds so hit maybe 12 times with a few warm up range balls. Stock head cover and wrench included. $350 OBO shipped.
  2. What is the shaft length of a SIM/SIM2 driver shaft, adapter installed to get the factory playing length of 45.75?
  3. TM 7MC's would probably be similar in look and size.
  4. Took the bait and ordered 4-9 PF2’s. They were delivered in 9 or so days and they look absolutely amazing. I honestly feel like the craftsmanship is leaps and bound abound any major OEM. They just have a very custom feel about them. At address they remind me of the Wilson FG Tour V6. Have yet to hit them yet but have a big 2 man this weekend where they’ll get their first run.
  5. Basically brand new Odyssey Stroke Lab Black 2 Ball Fang. Only played 1 round. Come with factory head cover and is 35”. Brand new SuperStroke Traxion Pistol GT 1.0 grip installed (not pictured). $135 shipped. No trades.
  6. Thanks everyone. Think I’ve got what I need.
  7. Oh ok so it shouldn’t effect me putting another grip on?
  8. So are they all counter balanced? Or does it depend on model and length?
  9. On the Stroke Lab black model (black/yellow) are those grips counter balanced? Wanting to throw a Super Stroke on mine but want to make sure they aren’t CB before I tear it off.
  10. Yep. Had always though an M or C type grind was best in my lob wedge but after hitting the SB there was a significant difference in turf interaction to the good with the Sb. Honestly had I not hit them back to back on grass I’d have never known but the SB enter and exited the turf much cleaner and quicker. I could almost feel my 58M SM8 dragging through the turf.
  11. Showed up this AM… will put them in play next weekend in a big 2-man. Will report back.
  12. Currently playing P750 Proto's. Really want a set of pf2’s but I’m assuming I’m really not going to gain or lose very much by switching. Change my mind…
  13. The PW is 46 this year as opposed to 48 in the MG2 and it is a distinctively different head, but still flows in the gw perfectly.
  14. Mine look to be in route and I have my city AM 10-2/3 so they will get thrown right into the fire ha.
  15. Up for sale today. Ping G425 LST 9*, Project X RDX Black 60 6.5. Tipped 1”, Golf Pride 360 TV. Length as pictured from top ring on grip, I believe it’s 45.5” when measured. Will include Seamus head cover. Great shape, no marks on crown. Face has a few marks from range balls but you can see they’re all centered….. SOLD Taylormade Tour Proto P750 iron set, 4-PW. Shafts are Dynamic Gold 120 x100’s. I’ve got them at +1/2” to the top line which is the shaft length with the 1/4” for the butt cap. Brand new Golf Pride Tour Velvet +4 grips installed Friday. Irons are in good shape, I few little knicks but no browning and grooves are still sharp. Very very good set of irons but think I may jump on the New Level train. SOLD Selling as a set. Titleist SM8 wedges. Loft and grind as follows: 50F/54S/58M. Stock Vokey wedge shafts. Standard lie and 1/2” over standard. Brand new Tour Velvet grips. 58 shows the most wear but still tons of life left. SOLD “Custom” and I use that term very loosely Odyssey O-Works 2 ball. 35” brand new Super Stroke Traxion Pistol 1.0 grip. This was originally the red version. I tried to mess around with adding a line but s*** went south quick ha. Then painted the “balls” black, then back white and then decided F it, let’s strip the wholes thing. The circles are now weather proof decals but you wouldn’t know if you didn’t know. Will include extra decals in case they peel or get dirty. I actually think it looks pretty cool, hasn’t effected roll or feel just going a different direction. $85 shipped. Purchased it on here just seeing if I can recoup cost of putter, grip, decals etc. included pic with black circles just as reference. pin 9/19 pin 9/29
  16. I wasn’t going to list 20 models. I included a Write In. Let’s calm down
  17. Yeah the head weight of the OG stainless is what I’ve always had an issue with, is it 330 or lighter?
  18. Would you game one today?
  19. Just curious as to what’s everyone’s opinion on the best Ping Anser 2 model of all time?
  20. 2 things tonight….. Ping iBlade 4-PW with Project X LZ 6.5 shafts. Irons are in very good shape with tons of life left. Yellow dot at 1.5 upright. Shafts are factory installed but extended 1/2” by yours truly with brand new Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips. SOLD Ping G410 3H. Tensei Pro Blue 80g HY TX flex. Very very good shape, no blemishes, knicks or chips on crown or tribulators. Face is pretty clean as well. New Tour Velvet 360 grip. $185 shipped. pin 9/15
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