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  1. I'm looking for a Cobra F9 9 degree driver to test against my 10.5 degree. I'm really just looking for the clubhead but I'll take the shaft too if it's a good price.
  2. Sure, if it helps with your gapping, although the difference after your changes is only .5 degrees. I bent a 60 to 58 degrees and am very happy with it.
  3. It's used to close the face more, and can help with shallowing the club. There is also a feel vs. real aspect to the move. You might feel like doing the move will automatically move you to a flexed (bowed) lead wrist at the top, when it's really just going from slight extension (cupped) to flat. I like to feel this move on my driver because I struggle with fading it too much. It's definitely worth trying if you struggle to close the face, and you can ease up on it if you are getting low hooks.
  4. I believe that 1.5 inches short is closer to 7-8 SW point loss, and with your heavy duty tape, I think it's closer to 1.7 inches of tape per SW point for a driver. You can sort of ignore swingweight point swings due to grip but the total weight does make a difference. So let's say your grip is 10 grams heavier, causing a 2 SW point drop, and then you add weight to the head to get SW back. Yes, your swingweight may get back to the same D2 that you'd see with a standard grip, but your total weight is now 14 grams heavier, which will feel a little different. If I were you, I would just keep adding 3 inches or so of lead tape at a time until it feels right. Don't think that you have to get to a certain SW reading.
  5. Flexibility has a trivial correlation to clubhead speed while strength/power levels have a moderate/large correlation to clubhead speed.
  6. I think the issue is that for some of us, hitting level to slightly down on the driver feels the most natural to us and therefore teeing it lower feels better. I would love to hit up on the ball but my natural swing doesn't do this, and teeing it high just doesn't feel right. Sometimes I feel like tee height should be dictated by our natural tendencies rather than a chase to find the perfect angle of attack.
  7. 58 degree for me. I have improved a ton on these this year (especially 30-60 yards) and there are a couple of things that I've done to help. First, I spent time early in the year practicing into my backyard net and using a launch monitor. I will think of a random number to hit to and will try to get +/- 3 yards of that number. I actually have a PRGR which tends to only read ball speeds with wedges, but my ball speed and carry distance with wedges is essentially the same. I've developed a good feel on these shots and although I don't have a clock system that I actively think about, my body is essentially doing a clock system based on yardages. I also bent my 60 to 58 degrees and this has given me a better launch/spin combo that really stops well on the green, even at shorter distances.
  8. If broadcast television ratings were the sign of popularity, I think all sports would be going down. Much less people are watching sporting events through the traditional methods.
  9. I am not smart enough to have a clue about what you're talking about. I searched Google for Sasho Mackenzie kinetic chain theory and a post by you popped up
  10. Sasho Mackenzie and Mike Carroll don't see the rationale in non-dominant swings and that's enough for me. They think that swinging that fast without a ball trains deceleration enough already. Not to mention having to double the time of the speed sessions and the fatigue/injury risk associated with that. There's definitely a line of thinking out there that thinks that the Superspeed sessions are too long and that 20-30 swings would be more appropriate.
  11. Please note I have 1st generation PRGR: I think PRGR is very good for ball and clubhead speed. I think ball speeds will match up very well with the expensive machines and clubhead speeds will differ based on which one you're comparing it too. I find Trackman to be low on clubhead speeds, and PRGR was 4 mph faster than it recently, but the PRGR should be consistent so it's great for speed training. As you mentioned, distance is guessed so the distances work for some people better than others based on launch conditions. Those who really max out their driver with positive AoA and lower spin should find the driver distances more accurate than someone like me who has a level angle of attack and mid-spin. Iron distances are pretty spot on for me.
  12. 410 gram head. I play an Evnroll ER7 at 31 inches. 370 gram head plus 8 nickels (5 grams each) attached to the bottom with some lead tape.
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