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  1. I know these are not readily available to try but don't sleep on the PXG 0311 forged wedges. I mainly used Vokey the last 4-5 years getting new ones each year. This year after trying all the wedges I was going to actually settle on the Cleveland RTX ZIPCORE which I found spin and feel to be better than the Vokey. Before buying them I saw a couple videos online about the 0311 forged wedges, (not PXG own videos). So a golf simulator place near me is a fitter and has PXG clubs there to try. I tested other wedges on a trackman here and at club champion. The PXG 0311 forged
  2. Hello all, Some good things up for sale here. Message with any questions. Thank you. 1. New Graphite Design Tour AD DI 95g Hybrid Shaft w/ Taylormade adapter sleeve - New 2020 graphics - Taylormade sleeve - New color Golfpride grip - New shaft, only tested for a handful of shots in a simulator - Would play approximately 39.5” in the Taylormade SIM 2 4 rescue hybrid, see pics for measurements Decided to keep 2. Mitsubishi
  3. Hello all, Some nice stuff up for sale here, thanks for having a look. FYI: I can ship to Canada but will need to get estimate for you as shipping would be extra 1. Titleist TSi3 10 deg Driver HEAD *only* - RH - 10 deg - Comes with headcover - Like new, only used it in a simulator one session has never seen the course, see mint pics - I will also include a free Titleist logo Towel - see pics for the smaller towel with big logo. SOLD 2. Titleist TSi3 15 deg 3 Fairway wood HEAD *only* - RH - 15 deg - Comes with headcover
  4. Yes same shaft. I bought the TSi3 first. Center hits feel soft off the face and vice versa feel hard when not. When I tried the Sim2 (NOT the ma. I had better balls speeds across the face, (for me). I tend to miss more near the toe and this driver did better in that area. Also while it does not feel as soft on center hits as the TSi3, I can feel it flying off the face. It is softer thought than the M5/M6 as I remember. I also had about a 2-3mph diff in ball speed but that was not the reason for the change. I am happy with my distance I wanted better feel and dispersions with lower spin. The S
  5. I did a fitting earlier in the year and was fitter into a TSi3. But then did a re-fit after more drivers were released and was fit into a Sim2 and so far a very good driver. I have it paired with a Graphite Design Tour AD XC. Great feel.
  6. I love their site. Very informative on each shaft and there is 2 diff diagrams. Either the frim, stiff, medium etc. or the color graph in list view on launch. I think it is one of the best breakdown from most manufacturers.
  7. Nike's SOLD thank you. 1 item left, lets get it gone. 9/10 condition Apex Pro Hybrid. Thanks.
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