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  1. A huge effect, if you’re working on your game. You should be able to make a good swing, with the club freely releasing, and start the ball on your target line. If you can do that and the ball never seems to start on line, the lie angle is a good thing to check. Add to that length and lie as a combination! if you can’t deliver the club freely with a square face then it probably won’t matter much if your clubs are a little upright or flat for you. My experience is that I played a pull draw most of my life. I’m 5’ 6” and have always been fit into ‘standard’ lie. The bi
  2. They look good, remind me of a classic from long ago in the late 00's.
  3. > @spring7 said: > Bridgestone j33R 460 This! https://s3.amazonaws.com/golfwrxforums/uploads/ipb/post-1-1134267038.jpg
  4. I’m about to pull the trigger on some hot metal irons but was wondering about the durability. Do they last? More like stainless or forged?
  5. Something is causing higher dynamic launch and spin with your longer clubs, is my wild guess. Check your ball position, too far away, close, forward, or back can kill your distances. I have a tendency to set my driver too far forward making me reach a little, causing casting and higher launch/spin. Make sure your club head is square to the target at address. Having a slightly open driver at address adds loft. Hope this helps.
  6. Great responses! Is there a feel difference between cold and hot forged?
  7. Folks like us pay attention to the origin of who forges an iron. Several companies market their forging process as being superior. If you know where each company has their irons forged, please post. For example, I’ve heard Titleist are forged by Endo? Not sure if that’s correct.
  8. Seems like there are a lot of for sale items with recoil or modus irons shafts. What gives? Not great?
  9. Had the Cally XR Pro with a ust vts stiff. Switched to Rogue with even flow 6.0. Picked up 3-5 mph ball speed and dropped my spin. Translated to about 10 more yards of carry.
  10. Thank you. I made an edit to the categories, swapped customization for durability. For all the other folks reading.
  11. If you had 5 pennies to spend on these five categories for a new set of irons, how would you spend it and what is your handicap? Forgiveness Distance Feel Looks Durability For example, I play to an 18 handicap and would pick feel 2, looks 2, forgiveness 1. Distance and durability aren’t priorities.
  12. Sure, 13 is plenty. I would wager a good player can go 8 or less clubs and score better than someone with 30 clubs who’s not as skilled. A lot of players will add a specialty club, like a 64* wedge, as a 14th club.
  13. Looks like tiltleist took a play from taylormade’s p790.
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