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  1. This! Club Champion or similar, don’t waste your time at a big box store. What I learned from my Club Champion putter fitting is that the neck style has a significant impact on alignment. I found out with my prior putter my alignment at address was a degree open so I had to pull every putt just a little to get it on line. Had a center shafted putter, moved to a plumbers neck and alignment was square. I didn’t feel different or do anything different consciously. Also I strike on the top of the face so adjusted to 4* of loft. This was years ago before Sik came out to tell consumers that loft on your putter matters. Since then, being a club hoe and out of curiosity, I continuously try different putter styles looking for extra MOI or whatever, but can’t seem to get away from the Newport style. Don’t guess what your arc is or listen to marketing materials. Get fit to see what your arc really is.
  2. Does CAD have any value if I'm using a hand mill? CNC machine definitely too expensive.
  3. I'm considering getting into making putters, either with a 3D printer or milling machine, or both. Does anyone here do that as a hobby or have worked for a custom club maker and has had experience? What do I need to buy to get going? Any help is much appreciated.
  4. Post what you think is the best deal in equipment. My vote goes to the Cobra Radspeed Fairway; retails for $279. The Fujikura Motore X F3 stock shaft is new for 2020 and retails for $275. I emailed Cobra and they confirmed it is the real deal. I recently was fitted for this shaft at Club Champion in regular flex for my TS2 3w and it is unbelievable. As consistent and fast as Oban, LA Golf, and a few other high end shafts that were in my top selections for my 85 mph club head speed. https://www.cobragolf.com/radspeed-fairway
  5. Amazing club and shaft combo, absolute rocket launcher. Looks incredible at address.
  6. Reposted in correct forum.
  7. Scotty Cameron/Titleist CLN US Prototype No. 2 face balanced putter. 35”, used but not abused, kept in included hardcover. Great for anyone looking for the classic look and feel of a chrome over mild steel Scotty Cameron. Original shaft, never refinished, no major dings or nicks, perfect for collectors. Needs a new grip. See pictures for condition. $375 obo shipped CONUS. PayPal or Zelle preferred payment methods.
  8. A huge effect, if you’re working on your game. You should be able to make a good swing, with the club freely releasing, and start the ball on your target line. If you can do that and the ball never seems to start on line, the lie angle is a good thing to check. Add to that length and lie as a combination! if you can’t deliver the club freely with a square face then it probably won’t matter much if your clubs are a little upright or flat for you. My experience is that I played a pull draw most of my life. I’m 5’ 6” and have always been fit into ‘standard’ lie. The big box store guys would pull out the lie board and fit me standard. Started working on my game but still had that little draw shape even though my path was inside-square. Picked up some Mizuno irons and my flight straightened out immediately. Found out that Mizuno irons are typically flat compared to other companies. On the course I felt more free to just release at the target without worry of inexplicably ending up left. Mentally, the flatter lie makes a world of difference for me. I flatten and open my woods and hybrid too so I can release like heck and not worry about it going left. Nothing physically keeping me from pull drawing it, but mentally I feel safer and that allows me to avoid the pull draw more often.
  9. They look good, remind me of a classic from long ago in the late 00's.
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