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  1. I've been searching the inter webs for a couple of days now and all I can find are 14/15 way cart bags. I've never been a fan of them because they make too much noise with irons bumping into one another. The main reason I'm asking is because I recently bought an electric cart and I don't think my Jones rover will work well with is since its too flimsy. Thanks in advance for the replies!
  2. Just like your other clubs you were fitted for gave you confidence in your equipment, the putter fitting will do the same. Do it.
  3. I've never had a matched bag but I have played with many good players (single digit to plus HIs) that have a matching bags. Either way you go, just be happy and confident with the way they look when you're addressing the ball.
  4. > @zed said: > > @"Fried Slice" said: > > PW: 49 > > GW: 53 > > SW:57 > > Hogan’s? > > I do have a full set of Hogans 20-56 but the current set of wedges I'm using are Bridgestone and scratch SB1's that were bent to their current lofts.
  5. Lofts don't matter as long as your distance gaps are the fairly equal. I have Hogans that were made in 4 degree loft gaps. I've had to bend some of them 1-2 degrees weak/strong to get my gapping correct (i.e My 32 degree is bent to 30.5 so I can keep my iron at 10ish yards versus the 6ish gap difference from my 36).
  6. I have the chance to buy a set of irons that I like but that would make 6 irons sets. I want to narrow that down to 3. Does anyone know of a good trade in option besides the TaylorMade one? Thanks!
  7. I was fit into and bought a 22 degree g410 last month. I went with the stock alta cb because it was so spinny (55k-59k). I hit it with the alta in x flex (knocked 500-800 revs off) as well as the tensi shaft in s and x (both spun almost 1k less than the comparable alta). It has been my go to club from 190-210 approach shots because they hold the green...when I hit it...which isn't that often. I was looking for a high spin, anti left hybrid and this fit the best.
  8. Full swing (hopefully straight) 36* 7 iron, smooth (hopefully high cutting) 32* 6 iron, punch 28* 5 iron (into the wind)... Basically, these shots typically work out 60% of the time, it works every time...LOL...but you have to have a plan with every swing, right?
  9. Last summer I played form the tips with some long hitting golf buddies who usually slum it when they play with me on the blues. Shot my best 9 hole score of 34! Hit the back 9 and pooped the bed with a 52...LOL! Golf is stupid! More recently, my last 10 rounds have range from a low of 78 to a high of 97. Golf. Is. Stupid. I'm guess I'm lucky that I'm a moron so I don't know any better...hahahaha...derrrrr...Hahaha!
  10. City, State: Ann Arbor, MI Handicap: 8.7 Current Irons: Hogan Fort Worth 15 Do you agree to be part of a GolfWRX Member review thread for Ben Hogan PTx PRO irons and add you review, photos, stories and updates? Yes
  11. I don't get why a website would effect your decision to make a purchase. If you have hit them before and liked them, buy them. Looking at a pretty website should mean nothing to you if you already know what the club feels like. Specs are available on numerous websites if you really need to see them. I love my V4's and would buy WS again but I have too many iron sets I need to give a go before I buy another set.
  12. Your city and state: Ann Arbor, MI Handicap: 8.7 Current driver and shaft: Cobra F8+, HZRDUS Red 6.5 Can you commit to April 15th -17th? Yes Why do you want to attend the Fujikura Ventus Experience? Anytime an offer to see the scientific end of golf design come along, I want to see it. I love stories behind golf gear. How it's made, why someone plays a certain oddball golf, why certain materials were used...basically anything that can be explained to me about golf.
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