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  1. Also no sales tax if you buy from a shop that doesn’t have a store in your state.
  2. So, I'm one of the 500 "suckers" who bought a set. What kinda pics y"all want? I don't plan on actually playing them much, if at all. I'm more of a PING i210 dude, but I like eye candy as much as the next guy! TBH, I know this set is overpriced, but the specs on these tick about every box I would check if I was designing an iron. Square toe? Check! Thin topline? Check! Can I play them? No. But they'll certainly start some conversations with potential clients who think I CAN PLAY THEM! Fairways and greens, brothers and sisters, DD
  3. I saw a post on this site recently that brought back a flood of memories from the early 2000's. Sitting up late at night perusing the boards when I should have been studying! I started as a young pup on GolfOpinions and reluctantly lurked around on BombSquad from time-to-time. Both sites seem defunct now. Anyone else on this board remember those early days? I was literally logging in with a free Juno dialup account to read insider tour news and the occasional snap from a tour event. GolfWRX has way more/better access to legit intel than we did back then; it was a lot of speculation
  4. Are these irons being sold anywhere other than Fairway Golf USA? Also, these irons seem to be longer (length) and lighter (SW) than Rickie's specs. Am I missing something? DD
  5. I was unaware that anyone on eBay offered reshafting. Guess I'll start digging.
  6. Looking for an online option for iron re-shafting with pulled shafts. I send them my current irons. They supply the shafts and labor. Not sure anyone is doing this, but if anyone is I'm sure you guys would know. TIA, DD
  7. Thanks guys. What I like most about it is the square leading edge. Do the newer confirming 1018 wedges have the same square leading edge?
  8. [attachment=2615497:ImageUploadedByGolfWRX Mobile1423801691.394513.jpg][attachment=2615499:ImageUploadedByGolfWRX Mobile1423801721.632659.jpg] Here you go!
  9. Recently picked up a Scratch wedge and I love it. It has "FORGEDDD" stamped on the hosel. The diamond isn't blue, but that the only color I could find. White scripted "S" on the flange. Would like to pick up a couple more of the same model. Need help figuring out which model this one is. I know about the different grinds, so don't bother with that part. TIA, DD
  10. Compact head Straight leading edge Thin top line Raw I'm looking for something like my old RAC Fe2O3 wedges, but with even a straighter leading edge if possible. Suggestions?
  11. Thanks. Any idea on Phenicie's swing philosophy? Hard to tell from his website.
  12. Looking for recommendations on advanced-level instructors on the west side of town. I've read the older posts, but I'd like to get some updated responses based on experiences. Thanks in advance guys. Dustin
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