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  1. Man, I wish callaway would release the raw apex pros!!!
  2. Need to sell this beauty. Been rolled 2x outside on grass. Perfect in every way. 009, deep mill, 34.5”, black shaft with shaft ring, has sight line, colors are blue, and grey, have coa. Price- $3500
  3. Still one of the best sets I’ve ever played. My daughter games them now and loves them!
  4. Just rock them and offer to play anyone giving you grief for money!
  5. Mostly 58 m grind unless I want to bump then either vokey 46 or 50.
  6. Nice flat stick there. Had one but not raw. Best feeling Putter I’ve ever rolled.
  7. Love this guy. Best looking bag on tour. That putter is so sick!!! My favorite flat stick on tour.
  8. I’ve got a di 9x in an aero burner tour van 3 wood. Stiffest thing I’ve ever swung. Thinking about putting it on the block. I love Hidekis bag!
  9. Great guy, tough deal for him. Pulling hard for this Okie State Poke! And those putters?
  10. I fit for Titleist and not one time have I seen a 915 beat a 917. I can’t believe he still plays 915! I guess he knows what works for him and that’s why he’s Jordan making bank and I’m just fitting people!?
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