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  1. Hey guys, just noticed that Golfsmith has their purple NDMC on sale for $5.97 a grip online. There's also free shipping over $75. Not a bad time to stock up on some grips for those of us who weren't lucky enough to get to DSG or Golf Galaxy fast enough. http://www.golfsmith...grip-purple-600
  2. In for a pair of the orange! Thanks for posting.
  3. Hey guys, I have been looking for some new equipment, and I found a couple of clubs on Callaway Golf Preowned that I think I might be interested in. I was just wondering if everyone could share your personal experiences with the site and how accurate their classification system is. For example, I'm specifically looking at a 3 wood in "good" condition and a wedge in "average" condition. I looked at the explanations for their rankings on the site and the representative photos, but I just wanted to do my due diligence before buying. Any information will be helpful, thanks! -Dan
  4. It bothers me to think that golf is going downhill, but I see no problem with the technology of today. Whenever I play with my dad he always gives me that rant about how he used to hit it ten yards further with a club made of wood. I think that technology has certainly improved marginal or poor players' scoring, but when it comes down to it, there is still a person who is thinking and swinging the club, and he is ultimately responsible for the shots that he hits.
  5. I have the 52 56 60 setup in black nickel. They are the most important clubs in my bag (except for the flatstick).
  6. The only problem I have with making my carpet a putting surface is that people will constantly be stepping in my line.
  7. I love the shape and the concept, but for that price I don't think anyone could convince me to buy this putter. If you're an Eastwood fan (and have a spare G), you're in luck. Maybe if Scotty makes a Keanu Reeves putter, I'll get that...
  8. These were my workhorses for the better part of 2 seasons, and they served a good purpose. They aren't the most forgiving, nor the most workable. I found that they are a good blend of both though. They were my transition to blades, and they got the job done.
  9. I played this until recently with an Aldila VS Proto and loved the combination. I hit some of the best drives of my life with that combo
  10. I had the 55 gram stiff model in my TM Superquad and I adored it. Definitely an underrated shaft. A lot of stability and loads well
  11. Played the 60s in my Cobra Speed LD-F for a season or two, and loved it. The 65 gram stiff hybrid shaft came in my Cobra Baffler DWS and I despised it. I think whether or not you like this shaft comes from the head that you pair it with.
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