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  1. Just one item, a Cobra SpeedZone 9 degree driver. This is the black/white version, shaft is the original Aldila Rogue Silver 110 MSI in 60s. Driver plays right at 45 inches and is in very good condition, as is the Golf Pride MCC grip. Included along with the 2 and 14 gram weights will be an extra 6 gram weight, as well as the original head cover and wrench. Asking $Sold including shipping in CONUS. I will also consider the following trade interests: Aftermarket Callaway driver shafts (stiff flex only) Callaway or Titleist 3/4 woods (w/shafts, stiff flex)
  2. Thanks but I'm not interested in the Max.
  3. Check out Jim Williams. There are other instructors in the area who get more publicity but Jim is an excellent teacher who understands how to communicate concepts and feels to his students, and he's also a great guy. http://www.golfinthenow.com/
  4. I left Nashville a few years ago but was a member at NGAC for a short time when I lived there. Obviously things could have changed but there were a couple of regular weekend games when I was there. One was a stableford game where guys called in who wanted to play and the pro shop put together teams. It featured a wide range of players in terms of ability and age and the stakes were pretty low. That would probably be what you're looking for. The other game was a blue tee game that had better players and there was a little more money on the line. One thing you
  5. You won't need anything special as far as equipment goes. What it really comes down to is the wind. If the wind is up, it's a beast. If you catch a fairly calm day the course is very playable and you can put together a good score. Dye gives you plenty of space to hit, but as is the case with many of his courses there is plenty of visual intimidation. Just trust the lines your caddy gives you. It's a great golf experience for sure. My only other suggestion would be that if you have any connections that can get you on at Cassique or The River Course ... make it work. Two awesome gol
  6. I would play Highland over Southern Pines as well. Southern Pines is a fun layout but it's pretty much always rough around the edges. A sleeper for you might be Keith Hills. Pretty good track at an affordable price. When I lived in that area I would play in an invitational at Keith Hills every year and always enjoyed it.
  7. Highland is a pretty good track. Not very long but has a few challenging holes, and it's usually in good shape. It is a Ross course but overall I'd say it has less character than some of his more well-known courses in the Pinehurst area. I don't know what Highland would cost you as an unaccompanied guest but if you can play Mid Pines or Pine Needles for anything close do that instead.
  8. Embarrassing comments by Fitzpatrick. Power has always been an advantage in golf. It was an advantage for Jack, it was an advantage for Tiger, and it's been an advantage for many others, including Rory and DJ to name a few. But power alone will never make someone one of the best players in the world. Look at a guy like Jamie Sadlowski. He's trying to play for a living these days. How that's working out? All of the guys I named had immense skills, and so does Bryson. To assert otherwise is laughable. Personally, I play regularly with some guys who hammer it by me. So wha
  9. Of those five Legacy for sure and the Pines course at the Country Club of Whispering Pines is better than all of the others you have listed. But make sure if you book there you play the Pines course and not the River course.
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