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  1. Who wants to trade me their irons? I'm looking to sell or preferably trade my Srixon Z 785 irons. My set is 4-PW with Nippon Modus 120 shafts in stiff flex. These irons were ordered 1/4 inch over standard length with standard lofts and lies. They also have custom BB&F ferrules and Pure Pro orange grips. These irons were played for one season but are in very good shape, primarily because I never hit range balls, even before rounds. Plenty of pics below but if you want more or have questions let me know. Asking $550 including shipping in the CONUS, but as mentioned I would prefer to trade for something else. As for trade interests I'd be looking for 4-PW (or maybe 5-PW) in a smaller forged cavity back or a blade -- Callaway Apex Pro or MB, TaylorMade P750 or similar, Z Blade, Z 965, Cobra MB/CB, PING iBlade or S55, Mizuno JPX pros or MP blades ... that type of iron. No Titleist please. I'd be looking for stiff shafts but would consider an X flex in a Modus 120 or 105 shaft. Would need specs to be close to standard, especially length, and lie to be +/- 1 degree of standard. Also looking for standard size grips. Must be in good condition and I'd like to stay close in price to what I'm asking for mine, although I might pony up some additional cash for the right set. Anyway, if you're interested in a trade or buying let me know. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the info. Six years ... that's a long wait. Not good for a fat old guy like me with only so many good rounds left in him!
  3. Was wondering if there was anyone from Aiken on the site who might want to chime in about the private golf options in the area. No need to bother with Sage Valley. I know it's there and that it's supposed be amazing, but I can't afford it and there's no chance I could get an invite. I'm most curious as to whether or not it's difficult to get into Palmetto Golf Club as a member, as well as whether or not there are good players/regular games at either of the two Woodside clubs. Anyway, I've done some searching here about the area and haven't found anything too recent so I thought I'd ask. Any responses or PMs with info would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. They type of Tour player you're talking about (Rory, Vijay, Adam Scott, Sergio, Keegan Bradley, etc.) "can't putt" by Tour standards. But the worst putters on the PGA Tour putt better than anyone 99 percent of the people on this board have ever played with, especially when you consider how much more demanding the greens and pin locations are. Apples to oranges.
  5. The food at the Pine Needles lounge is top notch. We ate there all the time when my wife and I lived in Pinehurst. Crushed many a Bell Burger!
  6. Can't believe we're on Page 2 and nobody has mentioned Vijay Singh (unless I missed his name buried in a post somewhere). You can debate what kind of guy he was, but in his prime he was a human stripe show. There's no telling what his record might have looked like if he was an even average putter. He definitely belongs in the conversation.
  7. Sounds good - when Hstead gets settled in the area we should all get together and play!
  8. I moved to the Chattanooga area in December of 2019 and joined Council Fire the following month. I dropped my membership there after 9 months and have been playing at Cleveland ever since, and it's worked out just fine for me. I've communicated with the OP via PM about my experiences given that I was in the same boat as him two years ago so I'm not going to rehash all that. But I responded just to say that I think you're selling Cleveland Country Club short. Is it as good a golf course as Council Fire? Absolutely not, especially when it comes to the greens. But if you prefer playing a tree-lined course as opposed to a golf course that's lined with McMansions, that might be a factor. I'm also spending about half as much each month given how much I play, and the economics should be of at least some consideration when determining expectations. And the golf staff at Cleveland is light years better than the new staff at Council Fire. Had Hunt and Richard stayed at Council Fire, my guess is I might have stuck it out. I would also add that the members at Cleveland, especially the better players (and that's who I'm interested in playing with), were far more welcoming than those at Council Fire. I'm also confident that we have a lot more good players at Cleveland than there are at Ooltewah, and you can get a game any day of the week. Anyway, I'm not trying to sell anyone on Cleveland. Where I live in the Chattanooga area, I might ultimately join The Farm or Dalton Golf and Country Club - both of which are higher caliber clubs/courses and closer to my house, which is in Tennessee. We'll see. I'm also not trying to pick an argument with you. I've always enjoyed your posts in this forum and read a number of them before I moved here. Just wanted to offer a different perspective and stand up for Cleveland Country Club a bit as it has been good to me. Thanks!
  9. So I got a new toy today in the mail off of the Bay. It's a Mavrik Sub Zero Triple Diamond (TA serial), 10.5 degrees of loft, 45 inches, Ventus Blue 6s, Red dot adapter. It has the 14 gram weight in the back and 2 gram weight in the front. Set at N/S. I have been playing a GBB Epic Sub Zero (TC serial), 10.5 degrees of loft, 45 inches, Tour AD GP 6s, standard adapter. Set at N/S, with the 14 gram weight back, 2 gram weight front. My typically ball flight is fairly flat and I usually move the ball right to left. Based on what I've read my expectation is that I might expect a slightly higher ball flight but a more neutral ball flight from the new setup. Does that sound right? I typically visualize a draw so with the red dot adapter should I consider trying the draw setting? Anyway, I'll obviously experiment quite a bit in the weeks ahead, but I'm playing tomorrow and Thursday and just thought I might get some opinions on what to expect since I won't hit but a handful of drivers before each round. Thanks!
  10. These might have to go to Ebay because there are so many ballers here on WRX, but if you're a newer golfer or a higher handicapper in search of a new set of woods, or you have a family member or friend who fits that description, these could be a great fit at a great price. I'm selling as a package a Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo driver, a Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo 3-wood, and a Cleveland Launcher Halo 4-hybrid. These are all brand new and have never been hit. They come with matching stock Miyazaki C Kua shafts in stiff flex and Crossline 360 grips. All other specs are standard. The driver shaft is 5s, the 3-wood shaft is 5s, and the hybrid shaft is 6s. The driver is the 10.5 Draw model, so a great option for someone who fights a slice or struggles to square the face at impact. The 3-wood has 15 degrees of loft, and the Halo has 22 degrees of loft. Matching head covers included. These recently underwent a manufacturer's price drop, although some of the models are now out of stock. Even after the price drop, however, these three clubs would retail for $560 new, plus what you would pay in shipping and tax. I'm asking $SOLD for all three, which includes shipping in the CONUS. As mentioned, really look to move these as a set and will entertain reasonable offers, but no trades. Please PM with questions or offers. Thanks.
  11. This is the correct answer if you have a connection who can get you on. Cassique is so much fun, especially the back 9, and the River Course is just a stern test of golf. And if you have a connection that's good enough to get you on either of those courses, see if you can get on Briar's Creek as well. The other resort courses at Kiawah are pretty blah compared to the Ocean.
  12. For sale is a Titleist TSi3 driver. Loft is 10 degrees. Comes with a real deal Mitsubishi Tensei Pro Blue shaft in 60s. Playing length is exactly 45 inches. Grip is a like new Golf Pride MCC -- standard size in black/red. Matching head cover included but no wrench. Shaft logo down in A1, grip logo up in A1. Driver is in excellent shape and has only been used for a handful of rounds with no range time (see pics). Prices including shipping in the CONUS. Head -- Sold Shaft -- Sold Please DM with questions or reasonable offers. Thanks.
  13. I'll probably have to sell these on the Bay, but I figured I'd try them here for a couple of days first. Here's your chance to score some big points with a lady golfer in your life! For sale are a XXIO Eleven Ladies driver and 3-wood. The driver has been hit maybe 15 times and the 3-wood has never been hit. The driver is the 13.5-degree model and the 3-wood has 16 degrees of loft. Both clubs have XXIO MP 1100 Ladies Flex graphite shafts and XXIO Eleven Ladies Weight Plus grips. Stock lengths and matching head covers for each are included. The driver retails for $649 and the 3-wood for $399. I'm asking $Sold for the driver and $Sold for the 3-wood, and I'll do both for $Sold including shipping in the CONUS. No trades but I will consider reasonable offers, especially if you're interested in both clubs. PM with any questions or offers. Thanks.
  14. Just one item, a Cobra SpeedZone 9 degree driver. This is the black/white version, shaft is the original Aldila Rogue Silver 110 MSI in 60s. Driver plays right at 45 inches and is in very good condition, as is the Golf Pride MCC grip. Included along with the 2 and 14 gram weights will be an extra 6 gram weight, as well as the original head cover and wrench. Asking $Sold including shipping in CONUS. I will also consider the following trade interests: Aftermarket Callaway driver shafts (stiff flex only) Callaway or Titleist 3/4 woods (w/shafts, stiff flex) DM with questions or offers. Thanks
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