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  1. Sam Snead won in 1971. How did the club pros react to one of the GOATS playing in the championship?
  2. 1850 - 1900 (Including Willie Park, Old Tom Morris, John Ball, Jamie Anderson) They will be in awe of my left hand low putting grip.
  3. Kalle Samooja has been in contention a few times for an ET win. It may be his time.
  4. iBanesto

    Steve Jones

    Roberto De Vicenzo. Bob Goalby.
  5. iBanesto

    Steve Jones

    Unfortunately for Lawrie this man will always be remembered. Lawrie had a very respectable career though.
  6. iBanesto

    Steve Jones

    Something Orville? Orville Moody comes to my mind. *This is me trying without cheating lol.
  7. iBanesto

    Steve Jones

    I feel like I should know this without cheating! Love the Lacoste gear though!
  8. iBanesto

    Steve Jones

    Some forgotten major champions in my opinion: Gene Littler - US Open Scott Simpson - US Open Lee Janzen - 2 US Opens Hal Sutton - PGA Dave Marr - PGA Wayne Grady - PGA Lou Graham - US Open John Mahaffey - PGA Jerry Pate - US Open Justin Leonard - Open David Graham - US Open & PGA Kel Nagle - Open Tony Lema - Open Bill Rogers - Open I feel we don't tend to forget Masters champions because we get reminded of their wins during the coverage over the years e.g. Mize, Archer, Coody.
  9. Why wouldn't anyone choose option 4? You'll be remembered as a great player who retired early and commentators would always say "What if he kept playing?". No one would choose option 1 as it is offers no gain over option 2 and 3. If you win a tournament every year you keep your card anyway which is the same for a major win every 5 years.
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