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  1. Haha... If I said I was from Boston would that be believable?
  2. Yeah hope he does well. That wrist injury when it happened looked horrendous.
  3. I get that but this we've got to remember this tournament is a joint Japanese Tour and PGA Tour event which was meant to be played in the Japan. It would be irrational for the JGTO to organise an event in the US unless they couldn't due to the pandemic. A Japanese company would want their potential Japanese consumers, clients, and executives to enjoy the benefits of being at the tournament. Additionally, given the time difference, the effectiveness of promoting their brand would be greater in Japan.
  4. Why wouldn't a Japanese sponsor want their event in Japan if COVID does not prevent it to be? Only natural for them to have this event played in Japan if they are investing significant money into it.
  5. We've all been through a dry spell...
  6. Sungjae Im may be a good pick at the ZOZO. Great form and experience of the Japanese Tour as well.
  7. 20th PGA Tour win for McIlroy. A great achievement and he now gets lifetime membership on the PGA Tour (assuming he also has played for 15 years on the tour).
  8. Valderrama suits Fitzpatrick's game. He is always there or abouts, unfortunately not at the Ryder Cup when is his form was lacking.
  9. The great two time US Open winner Lee Janzen! I wouldn't want to miss him!
  10. Simpson shoots 19 under for the tournament and probably won't finish in the top 10. Crazy scoring out there.
  11. I wonder if someone in the chasing pack will shoot the lights out, and whether the leaders may stall. A few players still have a decent shot at the win.
  12. It could be because I noticed they've made belts relating to Caddyshack. Unfortunately, I could not locate the logo in this general search https://www.google.com/search?q=NES+Golf&client=firefox-b-d&channel=crow5&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjchZO-8dDzAhXQXCsKHUKpDE0Q_AUoAXoECAEQAw&biw=1440&bih=725&dpr=1.
  13. I wonder if it is SCG or SGC (the latter makes sense but the font style doesn't seem to match).
  14. Canter seems due for a 1st ET win but this course is so dangerous when you are slightly off your game. It should be an interesting final round if Canter doesn't run away with it.
  15. On a bad day as well.
  16. I hope his recovery goes well and he can walk without any further discomfort.
  17. Rahm misses the cut by 5 shots at Valderrama.
  18. Lanny Watkins could actually be the actual person referred to by the OP. Maybe he didn't mean Lanny Wadkins the 21 time PGA Tour winner including the 1977 PGA Championship.
  19. It is just more the point, that people's body over the years and thus the body will react differently to the load placed on it.
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