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  1. Just received a text from FedEx...headcover has been shipped and should be here in a couple days...that was fast!
  2. Coolest looking HC in a long time...IMO! Glad I picked it up!
  3. For me, everything was sold out on the first page refesh! LOL! Oh well...saved myself a little cabbage!
  4. Ugh! Not a fan of the 2021 kit! Now if the HC and cash bag were genuine leather it would be more attractive to me. However, it looks like they are that "pleather" material. I guess I have a dilemma on my hands...to renew or not to renew....that is the question!
  5. Payne IMO always looked great...such a smooth swing to fit his smooth style! The NFL gear he wore was awesome too...talk about rallying the local fans into your corner!
  6. Looks like FedEx has taken a page out of the USPS play book! My tracking shows that my stuff was in Fort Worth Friday which is 100 miles NORTH of me. Now it shows that it's in Austin which is a 100 miles SOUTH of me! Funny thing is...they had to drive right through my city to get from Ft. Worth to Austin! Just does not seem to be very efficient to me...but what do I know? LOL! I can't remember what it was exactly, maybe something from the BST here on this site or something from eBay...but USPS did this DFW metroplex/Austin shuffle literally like 4 times before my package finally ar
  7. Just received my shipping confirmation AND a text from FedEx...delivery is scheduled for Monday!
  8. Very cool...thanks for the heads up...I’ll def keep an eye out!
  9. Aha...got it...thank you! I can totally see that! This is my first order since the website “upgrade”. Before, I’d get shipping confirmation within a day and the items at my doorstep within a few more days. Fast is nice but I have no problem waiting...for a reasonable amount of time anyway! Haha! Thanks again! KTM
  10. Well heck...I’m still waiting on mine! Lucky you! Congrats!
  11. I know it’s only a little over 24 hours since the release but has anyone received shipping confirmation yet? It’s normally pretty quick IMO.
  12. Daaaang! That coin woulda be awesome if it was GREEN! Agusta National must have a trademark on anything that resembles a green jacket?!?!? Facepalm!
  13. Not sure man! I just logged on to the SC site and the "new releases" page is blank/empty...normally there's a handful of items listed there that are still available/not sold out.
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