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  1. Not sure man! I just logged on to the SC site and the "new releases" page is blank/empty...normally there's a handful of items listed there that are still available/not sold out.
  2. Looks very similar, if not identical, to the Mardi Gras release. Of course, the color scheme is completely different but the design itself appears to be the same.
  3. G'Day! I haven't bought and/or sold here in a long time but buy with confidence...I had a solid seller rating/feedback score back in the day! Up for sale are two items that really don't need any introductions...they are what we think they are! LOL! Both are never used and only taken out of the package for the picture. Price includes PP fees and shipping. First person to send payment get the item. 1) 2020 Club Cameron Den Caddy made by Vessel. Really is a beautiful, well made piece...I just don't have any room or use for it. $225 Shipped. 2) Scotty Cameron Al
  4. Just wanted to let you know my CC acct password and access has been restored...thanks for your help! KTM
  5. Ok cool cool...gotcha! Yeah...it looks like I'm gonna have to contact them...it's been about three hours since I clicked the "forgot my password" link and the "reset" email still has not been sent. I'll wait it out a little while longer then attempt to contact them directly. Thanks again for the guidance!
  6. Thank you so much...I apologize if this had already been mentioned! Admittedly, I skimmed quickly through the last couple pages of this thread. Again. thanks!
  7. Just checking in...has anyone been able to actually log in to the Scotty/Club Cameron website recently? I've been AWOL for a while and checked in here and noticed the "drama'" with the SC/CC website upgrade. Went to login and see what it's all about and I keep getting an "invalid username and/or password" message. Wondering if that what you all are getting or if it's just my account? TIA! KTM
  8. The products from Jacob Hill and Mitchell Leather look outstanding!
  9. Oh snap...didn't even notice that until you said something...oh well...I have one coming anyway! $10.98 shipping for a bag...I think I've paid more than that for just a headcover!
  10. The t-shirt sizing run all over the place IMO! Bought a large long sleeve Sneaky Tiki last year and fit like a triple xl...not exaggerating! So next time I bought a medium cinco luchador...and that for like a small! Done Buying the tees!
  11. Thanks for the information gentlemen...y'all are amazing! Yes...sorry for the confusion..my bad..I should have been more clear! I was NOT referring to the "Cash is King" line of putterhead covers...but more specifically about the folding money wallets. Y'all have answered my question...thanks again! KTM
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